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Etude House Pink Bird June Box: Twin Shot Lips Tint AD & Moistfull Collagen Water Jelly Cream X FINDING DORY Review

Hello!  Sorry for the lack of update! >_<  I promise I will post more often from now on! :)  I lied in my last Etude House post.  It wasn't my last Pink Bird Box, I believe this will be my last Pink Bird box.  Ah, so sad.  I'm going to miss getting these amazing boxes every month!

For the month of June, the box consists of two shades from their new and improved Twin Shot Lips Tint, Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara Long Lash and of course the limited edition Moistfull Collagen Water Jelly Cream X FINDING DORY.  I'm excited about everything in this box!  So without further ado, let's get into this review! ^o^

First up we have their new Twin Shot Lips Tint in two shades; RD302 and PK002.  A few months back, Etude released these lip tints and now they're back with a brand new look!  I never tried the old packaging but the new packaging looks like it'll work a lot better.

The box packaging is cute, as always.  It features a gold metallic box with diagonal stripes that matches both lip tint colors.  Also on the box is a cute lippie illustration of the lip product.

On the top of the box is another lippie illustration with the mousse tint shade on the outside and the tint shot shade in the inside.  It also prints both shade of the Twin Shot Lips Tint and the two mousse and shot tints.

A;kl;faksdj... I die for the packaging.

On the right is the applicator for the tint shot and on the left is the applicator for the mousse tint.  

Photo taken with flash
Here are arm swatches.  On the left is RD302 Dry x Rose Shot and the right is PK002 Inner x Peace Shot.

PK002 Inner x Peace Shot - You guys know I love purply pinks like this shade! :)  When I first applied the mousse tint (inner) on my lips it's blue but once it sets into my lips, it changes to a pink purple with a blue tint.  It applies smoothly and is pigmented so you'll only need one layer.  The gloss or tint (rose) shot shade is a bit on the sheer side but is build-able.  It's a cool toned pastel pink with gold, sliver, green and pink micro glitters.  If you wear the Peace Shot shade by itself it gives a nice metallic look to your lips.  I think it looks more stunning when it's worn on top of RD302's Rose shot color.

RD302 Dusty x Rose Shot - I also love warm peachy oranges!  The Dusty mousse tint is totally a color I'd wear everyday.  The Rose Shot is a gorgeous red-orange shade.  I love the look when the two colors are paired together.  Unlike PK002's Peace shot, Rose shot is very pigmented and you only need a small amount to create a gradient look.

 Here is a swatch of RD302's Rose Shot and PK002's Peace Shot in case you'd like an idea of how these shades look like on the lips without any color under them.

I noticed that the mousse tint colors have a lot of slip to them.  It's very similar to Memebox's I'm Liquid Lip.  Every time I have it on my lips, I feel like the product is creeping into my mouth.  So, to fix this problem I like to bolt off the 1st layer to take off the extra product.  PK002's Peace Shot also has a lot of slip to it but RD302 Rose Shot has a different formula.  It's slippery at first but once it "dries" it becomes slightly sticky.  All of the four shades tint the lips very well.  They leave a very vivid tint once the gloss rubs off which is about 2-3 hours.  Even when I was doing the lip swatches, I had Peace shot on my lips for about a good 40 seconds and it already left a vivid tint behind.  After eating and drinking the tint does not budge until you remove it with a makeup cleanser.  Not my favorite lip product from Etude House but it's still a nice lip tint. :)

Next up we have a newly released mascara, Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara Long Lash.  I believe this is another version of their original popular Lash Perm Curl Fix mascara.  I've only tried about three Korean brand mascara products because I only use mascara to make my lashes black and because I always wear false lashes.  I've tried lots of mascaras and most of them irritate my eyes.  So let's see how this one works! ^o^

This mascara expresses dramatically long lashes. The feather-light fiber lengthens the eyelashes, and the Curl 24-HR technology keeps curled-up lashes stay fresh for 24 hours.

The brush is different from the original Curl Fix mascara.  This brush is medium sized, tapered and has a ton of small bristles tightly packed together.  I do like brushes that are smaller because I have more control over it and it does a better job coating all of my tiny lashes. :)

Here is a before and after of using the mascara.  I'm so glad that this mascara lived up to my expectations!  It lengthens and curls my lashes very well!  One coat lengthens and curls my lashes decently but with a second coat....OH MY GOSH!  It looks like I have a pair of natural false lashes on!  I really love the long lasting curling effect it gives because then I won't have to use my eyelash curler (I need a better/new one, do you have any recommendation for me?).  It doesn't smudge and best of all the formula doesn't irritate my eyes!  The formula is on the dry side which I like because wet formula gets all over my eye area since my eyes are on the smaller side.   Overall, I think this a great product for those who are into lengthening mascaras.

Here we have Etude's Moistfull Collagen Water Jelly Cream that has been repackaged into three super cute Dory and Nemo designs to celebrate the new movie, Finding Dory!

On the top of the cap is a picture of Dory swimming around with three little fishys.

I've tried a gel moisturizers before and had a very nice experience with them!  They moisturize well and lightweight which makes them great for morning refreshers.  I have oily combination skin by the way.

Oh look!  There's another Dory at the bottom of the sea!  Haha, love that the cream is clear, it really does looks like water.  Whoever came up with the concept is amazing!  

This jelly cream claims to give a cooling effect and moisturize your skin without leaving a sticky feeling and I totally agree!  This has been my summer go to moisturizer!  It is hella hot where I live and when you have a big dog sleeping in your room it's even hotter!  I like to use this jelly cream after washing my face in the morning, it feels nice and refreshing to place a cool lightweight cream on a clean face.  

Overall, it's a really nice moisturizer for those with oily/oily combo skin.  I'm almost half way done because I've been using it everyday since I got it.  I would repurchase and would only use it during the warmer months because I don't think it'll moisturize my skin enough in winter since I get really dry despite having oil-combo skin.

Last but not least, Etude also included a super cute Dory and Nemo clear pouch!  I think this is my favorite pouch!  It's been my go to travel makeup bag because it fits A LOT of things and of course because it's clear.  I like that I can see what's in my pouch and best of all it has a super cute Finding Dory design on it.  Ah, love it! <3

Thank you so much for reading!  If you've tried any of the products mentioned in this box what are your thoughts on them?  Don't be a stranger and comment below! :)

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