Monday, March 20, 2017

[JOLSE] Haruharu Sheet Mask Review + Life Update

I know, I kind of disappeared from blogging.  I started to live the single favorite auntie life.  Haha.  My older sister had a baby back in September and she needs someone to watch her baby when she goes to work.  And since I'm taking mostly online art classes (graphic design is my major) I pretty much watch him throughout the whole week and catching up on my school work.  So that's why I haven't really gotten any blog posts up.  No worries, spring break is coming and the semester is almost done so I should be able to get a few posts up really soon. :)  So sorry for disappearing....

Anyways, on to today's post.  I received a package from Jolse about a week ago and was surprised to see it because I didn't see my name on the chosen list on their Facebook page when they announced the winners for the Haruharu sheet masks

I absolutely love the illustration and concept of these sheet mask designs!  The drawings are comedic and simply drawn gorgeously!  I mean look at that booty booty (sings JYP's who's your mama, haha)!  That flawless horse too!  Lovin' it! <3