Wednesday, December 31, 2014

SKIN79 The Oriental Gold Plus BB Cream and GEO Berry Cessy Brown Review

Hello lovelys!  How is it going?  *sigh* One more semester of school and I'm done!  It's busy, being in the last year of high school.  Looking into colleges and everything.  I got a handwritten post card from School of Visual Arts in NYC.  I want to go, but the money.... and New York is soo far from home. >_<  Decisions, decisions....

Anyways, today I'll be reviewing GEO Berry Cessy Brown and SKIN79 The Oriental Gold Plus BB Cream.  Both are sponsored by Uniqso but my reviews are always in my most honest opinions.

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Thursday, December 25, 2014

What I, NkaujHli got for Christmas / Birthday. *(*´∀`*)☆

Merry Christmas Everyone!  I'm just making a quick post about what I got for Christmas.  My birthday is close to Christmas, it's on Dec. 22nd.  For the first time in years I got more than one or two presents.  My parents went all out this year. >.< /crying

I decided to open up the "cutting board."  I really didn't know what this was.  They told me it was a jacket, and I really believed them.  I opened this one curious to see what jacket they got me, but it was actually a MacBook Pro.  Oh my gosh... I was about to cry.  I really didn't think they'll get me this laptop even though I've been begging for this.

Gah!  Look how pretty it is.  Didn't set it up yet because it's too precious to touch right now.  Haha.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Memebox Princess Edition #1 Snow White Unboxing & Review

After coming home from grocery shopping I saw a pink memebox outside the side door.  I was so surprised and delighted to see it.  I did not know what box it was, but it has heavy!  So I hurriedly went inside and dropped off the grocery bags went back outside, grabbed the Memebox and ran to my room to open it.  I tried to open it with my hands but couldn't!  Usually I could just rip it open easily.  Anyways, moving along.  Turns out I received Memebox Special Princess Edition #1 Snow White.  This box is currently sold out but you never know when they'll randomly restock this box. :)

Gah!  Look at all that good stuff!  This box is so pink!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Uniqso - ICK Clara Grey and Stella Eyelashes Review

Hello there!  I think I'm going to start posting my Uniqso reviews on my blogspot too.  I will still be sharing my photos on my tumblr! :)  I think the format here looks better than on my tumblr theme.  Anyways I got three items from Uniqso for the month of November and I seriously can't wait for my December items!  I got a bb cream from Skin79 and a pair of brown lens that hopefully I'll love as much as the green lens in that series.  I'll be doing a holiday look with those two items so look out for my next review on Uniqso soon! ^o^)/  Okay, back to the three items, I got ICK Clara Grey, Stella Eyelashes Natural Prime 2001, and Lolita Wig BJ in which I will post at a different time.
Enter "yummmiiee" for 10% off your order :) 

I guess I'll start off with the lashes.  I am so glad I picked out these lashes!  I usually go for short natural voluminous lashes, but this time I wanted lashes for length.  I need lengthening lashes in my collection.  These lashes are in natural prime 2001.

*left: taken with flash, right: taken without flash*