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Ever tried a mousse mask? Too Cool For School EGG MOUSSE Pack Review

Hello!  In my last post, I said I will be posting a review on Too Cool For School's Egg Mousse Pack well, here it is! ^__^  It took longer to post this because I did two photo sessions.  The first group of photos didn't satisfy me enough and were really pixelated.  This time around, the photos turned out A LOT better.  Anyways, enough about the photos and back to this wash off mask that was super fun to try and experiment with.

This is only my second Too Cool For School product I've ever tried from their brand so I'm new to their products and don't really know much about their brand in general but I do see them all over online shopping sites and boy do they have one of the cutest packagings ever!  I did a little bit of research of their brand and so here's a little info if your also unfamiliar with their brand.  

Too Cool For School is a Korean brand targeting young women between ages 16-25 years.  They provide basic makeup that are packaged cutely and decorated with fun designs at somewhat affordable prices.  The brand name is also not what you think it is.  Most people would think the school in "Too Cool For School" is the actual school we go to to study, but it's actually representing a school (group) of fish.  Meaning they're the coolest out of the group, being different and unique.  I read the meaning for their shop being decorated the way it is somewhere online and after reading their description it didn't seem to be that creepy as it was when I first saw images of their shop. :)  They're a pretty cool brand.

I recently JUST found out that they're available on Sephora!  Omg!  Kbeauty is really hitting the states now a days. >_<

One thing I want to know is, why do they have London and New York printed below their brand name when they're a Korean brand?  Maybe it's just this product?  Looking at my other item from Too Cool For School it seems that it's just this particular item that has it.  Or maybe it's their whole egg line that has it?  I don't know because this is only my second/first product from this brand/egg line.

EDIT!:: I've fond my answer!  Too Cool For School was conceived and designed in New York City.  The first artist for collaborative packaging was actually created in London. :)

The packaging is really cute.  It's really simple and plain but still very cute.  The yellow is a bright pastel yellow perfect for spring.  On the box, it has a repeated pattern of a whisk.  I think it's the cute illustration of the whisk and font that makes the packaging look very playful and fun.

Are those real eggs next to the items?  Nope, they're soap for removing blackheads and pores.  Haha.  The "brown egg" is made of red clay and the "white egg" is egg whites and aha.  But I talk about those eggs in a different post. ^_^

20150430?  April 3, 2015 expired?  Nope, it's most likely just the production date.  I heard that it's common to find the production date instead of the expiration date on Korean products.

 Pump!  What I REALLY like about the pump is that it strays continuously but it might be hard to control how much product you want.

Omo.  All in Korean I can't read it. >_<

On one side of the box there are Korean Instructions, Ingredients, and cations.  On the other is the English translation!  Hooray!  ( ^ o ^ ) /

Listed as one of the top ingredients are of course, egg yolk extract and albumen extract also known as egg whites.  These two key ingredients helps brighten and nourish the skin.  Not only do both have brightening and nourishing effects, but also moisturizing and conditioning properties for the skin.  Egg whites are also known to give temporary relief to pores which gives the appearance of tightened skin.

Description:  This wash off essence type pack is the perfect skin pink-me-up for anytime of the year.  It forms a fine lather mousse that removes excessive sebum and impurities from your skin without that tight sensation.  Whiten, brighten, nourish, and moisturize your skin with the protein and vitelline extracted from eggs to refine and create a radiant complexion.

Finally it's out of the bottle.  It's a white colored mousse that is thick and roughly stiff, which makes it easy to work with.  The amount showed on my hand is wayyy more than enough to cover my whole face, surprisingly.  I didn't know how much to spray out the first time I used it so I squeezed out a lot to fill my whole hand.  Haha.  I would recommend only squeezing out the size of a ping-pong ball.  

Finally time to see this cleanser work in action!

Here's a closer look:

In the photos above you can tell that even after a few minutes the mousse already starts to dissolve.  Once it starts dissolving there is a tingling sensation on my skin.  I believe that tingling sensation is just the product absorbing into my skin.  I usually wash the mask off once most of the mousse have dissolve which is about 15 minutes. The recommend time to leave the mask on is about 10-20 minutes. 

After washing the mask off my skin felt super smooth, hydrated and refreshing.  I also noticed that my skin does look brighter and healthier.  I wouldn't use this mask during night because it doesn't do a good job removing makeup.  I also already have a cleansing routine I do to remove my makeup / overall cleaning and skin care.  But I would definitely use this cleanser in the morning.  Ever have those mornings when you just feel nasty and sluggish?  Yeah, I would use this mask on those days or when I just want to have fun playing with mousse.  Haha.

- Super fun while cleansing your face
- Does what it claims
- Easy on finger pump, continuous spray
- Refreshing feel afterwards


I would recommend this product if you're looking for something fun and different to cleanse with and something that gives your face a refreshing feel afterwards.  ( ^__^ )  Too Cool For School sure does what their brand say they are! They are definitely different and the coolest of the group! 

This product retails from $16-$22 online.  Memebox has it on sale for $18 but unfortunately is sold out.  EDIT!:  It's back in stock!  Purchase this fun mousse mask by clicking here!  Use my referral link to get 20% off your first $25+ purchase.

Well, that's all for today.  Thank you so much for reading and until next time! ( ^ o ^ )/

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