Monday, June 22, 2015

Korean MakeUp VS American Makeup Tutorial

Hello!  Today I did two makeup tutorials of Korean and American Makeup.  Just a heads up I'm not a professional so my technique and everything sucks so don't bash on me. (>_<)

Korean Make Up

Saturday, June 20, 2015

My SUPER SUPER Mini TheFaceShop "Haul"

Hello and welcome to my super duper extremely small "haul" at TheFaceShop.  This weekend, my family ate out at a Japanese hibachi sushi buffet called Royal in Illinois for an early father's day and for my brother-in-law's and my graduation.  After eating, almost everyone fell into a food coma.  I REALLY wanted to go to h-mart to visit TheFaceShop to get their foot peeling mask.  Got there and it was super expensive!  I did not want to spend $14 for that when it's only $5-6 online with free shipping.  So I decided to walk around the small shop and bought a foam cleaner and eyelid tape because everything there was just seriously overpriced. :(

I thought it was cute how they bagged it in a small "lunch bag" with small tape.

I received 3 foil samples upon my purchase.  I thought she would give me more because I've read reviews on yelp and they've received a decent amount of samples.  :(  I completely forgot to ask them about "checking in".  If you "check in" with them they'll give you a free sheet mask.  I was in such a rush I completely forgot about it until we got onto the highway.  *sigh* so sad....

This was my second time purchasing from that particular shop.  And the service that I got was a lot better than the first time I went.  The lady who helped me was young and we almost had the same makeup!  Haha.  I asked which foam cleanser she recommends for me and she was like "this one is good for you since you have combination to oily skin."  I was like "What!  Is this girl psychic?"  I was surprised that she knew my skin type.  When I was checking out I asked how did she know.  She replied, "I don't know, when I look at a person I just know what skin they have."  Overall, I don't think I'll ever visit the shop again because the prices are too high compared to the original prices in Korea and online.

Monday, June 15, 2015

I GRADUATED! Class of 2015

Ah, I feel super accomplished!  ( ^o^ )/  Finished high school in three years!

Today, I went to pick up my diploma and transcript at school.  When I picked up the package I was sooooo happy to have it in my hands.  It was like "oh my gosh, I can't believe I graduated."  Throughout my years in high school, junior year was thee most stressful year I ever had!  Inside the envelope I found a golden tassel!  I didn't I think was graduating with honors because my freshman year wasn't THAT great.  Ah.... I'm crying.

I did not walk at the commencement and I now regret it super bad.  *sigh*  In the car ride home, my dad lectured me about life.  My dad makes me want to cry because he worked soo hard in life.

Well, time to start a new stage in my life.  I have to admit, I'm pretty scared to go out into the real world.  I don't even know what I want to do.  Fresh out of high school and going straight to college and picking a career choice is too much for me at the age of 17.  I don't want to have to pay school loans for the rest of my life.  *sigh* What to do, what to do....

For my graduation "present" I chose to go out to eat with my family this weekend. :D  Hehe, I'll make sure to take photos. ;)  Until next time.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Memebox I'm Lip Crayon Newly Released Colors Review

Hello!  Sorry for not posting for over a month.  Thankfully school is now over!  Today I'll be reviewing Memebox's new colors in their I'm Lip Crayon collection! :D  There are five new colors and they're all perfect for spring and summer!  Ah, I'm so excited to share this with you guys! :D

I was expecting my false lashes order to come in and was waiting all week for it since there wasn't a tracking number and it already passed 2 weeks.  I was super happy to see a package, I thought it was my eyelashes, but Memebox surprised me with a package!  The packaging was super cute!  It was packed in a durable metallic sliver bubble wrap envelope.  I didn't know it was from Memebox until I was their label, usually it comes in a brown box.  These items were sent to me but everything is my honest option.

I did already try out their lip crayon when it first came out.  I got the color #04 Juliet.  It's a bright purple-pink, you can read the review here. ;)  There isn't much photos of it in that review, so I'm making this one (review) super detailed. ^__^

Ahhhh!  I like the simple packaging, I think it's pretty cute.  I especially like how the color is the color of the lip crayon.  It doesn't make me guess what color I got.