Monday, August 24, 2015

MEMEBOX I'm Lip Liquid in 15 Shades Review & Detailed Swatches

Hello!  For the past few days I've been feeling super happy and excited because Memebox recently sent me all 15 of their new I'm Lip Liquid series!  Never in my whole life I thought they'll send me all 15.  I thought they will send the deluxe set of 6 but all 15!?!?  Oh my gosh, you have to be kidding me.  They were sooo pretty that I didn't even touch them.  I sat on my bed staring at them forever.  Haha.  I was feeling so jfkl;ajskfja I thought I could die.

I can't believe it's already been a full year ever since I've been working with Memebox.  /cry.  They're one of the companies that I ALWAYS talk about with friends and family because they are simply awesome.  My sister always says she likes my lip color and I always reply "it's from Memebox." Although their products are priced sort of high, they are always having sales, value sets, and boxes that give amazing deals and steals.  ^o^)/ I'm not saying this just because I'm one of their ambassadors but because I truly do love Memebox.  I visit their website daily to check if there's any updates.  Haha.  Yes, I'm obsessed. :/

Anyways, I've tried lots of products from Memebox's XoMemebox and I'm Meme brand and love all of their lip products so I was pretty excited to try these lip liquids when they arrived.

*this post is photo heavy, click images for HD quality*

Monday, August 17, 2015

Simple Everyday Eye Makeup Tutorial + GEO Celine Euro Lens in Pure Hazel

Hello!  This month from Uniqso, I ordered Stella Eyelashes Pointed 5506 and Geo Euro Celine in Hazel.  I fell in love with the grey lens of this series and I decided to go for the hazel lens.   I've been waiting to see how these lens would look like on darker eye colors.  So, with these items I came up with a very simple everyday eye look that could match any lip color.  If you're like me, a person who loves to wear different lip colors everyday then this may be a tutorial you'll enjoy.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Recent Macy's Buy - FREE 7pc gift set with Lancome purchases over $35 & more gifts with $70+ purchases! GREAT Steal!

Hello!  So about a week ago, a Macys newsletter magazine thing came in and on the back was an awesome Lancome FREE 7pc gift set for purchases over $35!  You could get 3 more free gifts when you spend over $70.  This gift set started earlier this week and is while supplies lasts.  On Aug 14th-15th ONLY they'll also be giving out a free blush brush with the gift set.  Which is why I waited until the 14th to get my set.  Haha.

I went to Macys earlier this week with my sisters to swatch the samples of the set and I fell in love with the warm lipstick and blush set BUT I seriously could not find anything to buy from Lancome!  I already have a few makeup products from Lancome and they're not really anything special.  BUT you can never go wrong with a high end foundation. :)  I searched for a foundation but just couldn't find any that I like and I really love my Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation so...  I thought I would just pass this gift set but I went home that day and spent hours looking at the Macys site to find reviews on products and decided to go with a skincare product.

I ended up getting Lancome's Eau Fraiche Douceur Micellar Cleansing Water ($38).  As if I don't already have enough cleansing products. (-_-)   I know... but I recently just finished my cleansing water from Etude House and am using my favorite cleansing water from Insobeau.  It works sooo good that I don't even want to use it.  Haha.  Do you guys feel like that too?  Or is it just me?

Monday, August 10, 2015

Ever tried a mousse mask? Too Cool For School EGG MOUSSE Pack Review

Hello!  In my last post, I said I will be posting a review on Too Cool For School's Egg Mousse Pack well, here it is! ^__^  It took longer to post this because I did two photo sessions.  The first group of photos didn't satisfy me enough and were really pixelated.  This time around, the photos turned out A LOT better.  Anyways, enough about the photos and back to this wash off mask that was super fun to try and experiment with.

This is only my second Too Cool For School product I've ever tried from their brand so I'm new to their products and don't really know much about their brand in general but I do see them all over online shopping sites and boy do they have one of the cutest packagings ever!  I did a little bit of research of their brand and so here's a little info if your also unfamiliar with their brand.  

Too Cool For School is a Korean brand targeting young women between ages 16-25 years.  They provide basic makeup that are packaged cutely and decorated with fun designs at somewhat affordable prices.  The brand name is also not what you think it is.  Most people would think the school in "Too Cool For School" is the actual school we go to to study, but it's actually representing a school (group) of fish.  Meaning they're the coolest out of the group, being different and unique.  I read the meaning for their shop being decorated the way it is somewhere online and after reading their description it didn't seem to be that creepy as it was when I first saw images of their shop. :)  They're a pretty cool brand.

I recently JUST found out that they're available on Sephora!  Omg!  Kbeauty is really hitting the states now a days. >_<

One thing I want to know is, why do they have London and New York printed below their brand name when they're a Korean brand?  Maybe it's just this product?  Looking at my other item from Too Cool For School it seems that it's just this particular item that has it.  Or maybe it's their whole egg line that has it?  I don't know because this is only my second/first product from this brand/egg line.

EDIT!:: I've fond my answer!  Too Cool For School was conceived and designed in New York City.  The first artist for collaborative packaging was actually created in London. :)