Friday, April 10, 2015

Stylenanda 3CE Waterful Foundation Nude Beige & Cream Blusher Baby Peach Review

Bonjour mon amies!  ( ^o^ )/  Aujourd'hui est un compte rendu... okay I'll stop.  I took French for two years and I suck so I'll stop.  >.<  (but I hope to continue!)  Anyways, hello.  Today is a review on the long awaited Stylenanda's 3CE Glossing Waterful Foundation in Nude Beige and Cream Blusher in Baby Peach.

If you don't know what 3CE is, you're crazy and not into Korean Cosmetics.  But that's why you have me to explain and get you addicted. :)  HAHAHA.  3CE stands for 3 Concept Eyes and is Stylenanda's cosmetic line.  They started off as a fashion store in Korea and started to expand big time.  They released their cosmetic line in 2009 and it was a PRETTY BIG hit.  Their things are a bit expensive but if you compare it to other brands it's not that bad...? :/

Here's a bit of a description of their 3CE brand:
"3 CONCEPT EYES makes fashionable ladies shine with three kinds of attractive eyes; pink, orange, and beige.  Any one can experience a special make over with the various spectrum of modern colors about creative unique impression."

They do have a site in English! (yay!)  Shipping is $20 and I know I do not want to pay for that.  (-__-)  I could of bought another lipstick from them!  Haha.  But for orders over $100, shipping is only $10 for USA orders (depends on where you live).  I bought these two products from yesstyle but they no longer have these products on their site.  BUT guess what.  One of my favorite sites, Memebox has it on their site ON SALE.  The Waterful Foundation is usually listed $30-40 on other sites but it's on sale for $25!  It's not going to get any cheaper so I highly recommend you get it there.  (Oh my gah, Memebox is killing me.  They released a value set featuring 3CE lip lacquer in Dahlia.  Totally worth it).  They also offer free shipping over $30.


**By the way these products are authentic.  Please be very careful to not buy fakes on ebay or any wholesale sites.  If the price is too good to be true, it's most likely a fake.  Trust me, I bought fake 3CE lip pigments once.  Gosh, I was naive (still kind of am). /sigh.**

Ah, what unique packaging for a foundation.  I've ever seen a foundation packaged like this before.  This foundation is available in four different shades; natural ivory and soft beige are for cooler skin tones (pink base), milk ivory and nude beige are for warmer skin tones (yellow base).  I was going to get milk ivory which is the lighter shade but am so glad that I did not because nude beige is the perfect color for me.  I think I'm pretty pale but forgot that Koreans tend to make their foundation/cc/bb cream shade super light and so I went with nude beige.

Here's the official website's swatches:

I think the back has ingredients listed???  and maybe some directions??  No idea...

The color shade, amount and site is printed on the bottom.  

I LOVE using this squeezing thing!  It makes it fun to use.  I also think it's the best way to get the product out of the bottle because it's it's watery texture.  The packaging is glass and feels very luxurious.

They also have this cream blusher in four colors; soft orange, coral, new pink, and baby peach.  I want all of the colors!  And it's not that expensive.  

Again, here's the back of the packaging.

Swatch time!  I am so sorry, I typed pink instead of peach. 

BLUSH - BABY PEACH::  I seriously love peach-ish pink colors especially for lips and cheeks.  The texture is smooth and blends like butter.  A little goes a very long way so don't squeeze out too much product.  It's a super cute shade.  It lasts a pretty long time; roughly around 6-7 hours.  Yup, overall me like and recommend! :)

WATERFUL FOUNDATION - NUDE BEIGE::  On the site it says to should use a pore primer and/or make up base before you use this foundation because the coverage is not that great.  It gives a natural glow to the skin and when applied it DOES look like skin.  It has a watery texture so I like to use a brush with this foundation.  A little also goes a very long way with this foundation.  This foundation also transfer easily so you might want to set it with power or spray before moving on or just wait until it fully absorbs into your skin.  The coverage is light to medium and is build-able.  It also moisturizes my skin very well.  The color matches my skin perfectly when blended.  It doesn't last that long; maybe for about 4-5 hours.  I'm a person who sweats easily.  I don't recommend wearing this foundation during the day in summer of course, haha.  >.< but during nighttime I would recommend it because I feel like you would look pretty with glowing skin.  I do like this foundation and recommend this product if you're into the dewy natural Korean skin look and for people who have dry skin. ;)

My smile looks awkward, but whatever.  Went for a fresh spring peachy make up look.  As you can see the foundation gives a dewy or glowy look to my face and the blush is just adorable.  If you're wondering what my lip color is it's Croquis Eyeshadow and Blusher in 10 Pink Brown.  Lol, I thought it was lip and blush but whatever; who says you have to use it as an eyeshadow or blush only. -__-

I just thought it would be funny to show you guys how I take my photos.  Haha.  Yup, that's pretty much it.  It's dark, no edit on this photo.  As you might already noticed, I like to make my photos super bright.  I lay a white board on my bed and arrange the items how I want with a few props.  Lol.  It was a super gloomy day so I had to use my studio lights.  Usually I would use natural sunlight since that's how I like my photos.  Yeah...

If you want to check out my super old review on the fake 3CE Lip Pigments click here.  I think I might get some real lip pigments on Memebox and compare the two.  I think that will be super helpful for those who are new to 3ce products.  Very proud of myself of finally posting this review! ;)  If you haven't seen my last review on Nylon x MEMEBOX palette review click this! :)

Thanks for reading and until next time! ^__^