Saturday, March 21, 2015

Celebrating a friend's BDay @ Stonebowl, Korean Restaurant Super Yummy *WARNING: you might want to eat first*

Aigoo, been eating good for the past weekends.  I swear I ate Japanese food last week.  This week it was my cousin Destinee's birthday and celebrated by going to a Korean restaurant in downtown called Stonebowl.  It's a super nice place.  They have more photos on the site if you want to go look at the place. ;)

These were the side dishes they were serving that day; potato salad, cucumber in paper paste, and seaweed salad.  It changes from time to time.  The best thing is that they're refillable! :D
I've never knew that the tables have Korean writing on it!  Oh my gosh, that is so cool, never noticed until I was editing the photos.  haha.

Saturday, March 7, 2015


Hello you!  Guess what.  I was so close to getting this palette.  I was going to use the rest of my points to get this palette free but then I heard that Memebox was going to release Soyoung's I Wish Lovely make up line soon so I ended up getting that instead.  You can read my review on her line here.  I absolutely recommend it! ^__^

I was lucky enough to receive Soothingsista's palette to review.  I have Urban Dekay's Naked 3 and was hesitant to get it because the colors are also pink toned so I thought there wasn't a need to get it.  Alright, I'll typing and get to the palette. :)  Although this review is sponsored, everything is and will always be my honest opinion.


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Estee Lauder Collaborates with Lisa Perry - Macys Get free 8 pc set with purchases of $35 or more!

Hello you guys!  I will be making a quick post about Macy's awesome Estee Lauder free gift promotion.  So on Saturday, I believe, a Macy's magazine came in the mail informing us about the sales going on this weekend.  On the back was filled with Estee Lauder products!  In big read letters it read "FREE 8 pc gift with purchases $35 or more!"  My eyes were like in *gasp*.  What a deal!

I thought about getting their new pure color envy shine lipstick line, but I figured I should go for a foundation since the set already comes with a full size lipstick.  I went to the mall on Sunday afternoon and turns out they did not have the promotion.  The lady said that it won't be starting until Wednesday March 3rd in stores.  Went back on Wednesday and got Estee Lauder's Double Wear Stay in Place Foundation.  My very (actually second,  my first was 3CE waterfull foundation, but it's a Korean brand, so I guess it's my first luxury American brand) first luxury foundation!

I also got my very first color match.  Turns out I'm in the color 1N2 Ecru.  It's a pale ivory beige with neautral undertones.  It looks super natural when she applied it on my face.  She also gave me a sample size of the product.  When I was getting color matched she said "didn't I already color match you?"  I replied no.  We simply go to Macy's a lot.  It's embracing when the majority of the workers know you.  Haha.  My sisters and I go there too much.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

SoYoung I Wish Lovely x Memebox Make Up Line Review - Perfect Travel size products

Hello friends!  Guess what! I finally got it!  YES!  About a month ago Soyoung and three other Korean beauty guru youtubers collaborated with Memebox.  I love Soyoung and have been watching her videos ever since the first three months she started to upload youtube videos.  It's so awesome how far she's gotten.  So proud of her.  Anyways, she came out with six products with Memebox.  Three eye shadow sticks, two lip & cheek products, and a concealer.  I was about to buy all six items but I was ONE dollar short to be able to buy it!!!   Argg, so I ended up not buying the concealer.  :(  Don't you hate that feeling or situation?  Haha.


Okay, let's get into the products. ^o^)/   *sorry for some/all pixelated images.  My photoshop is stupid.  Need to look up how to stop making it so darn pixellated. :/ *