Saturday, July 15, 2017


Hello! ^__^  I'm back with a review and mini demo of the semi-newly released Hope Girl JAMONG CLEANSING BALM.  If you don't know what a cleansing balms/sherbet cleansers are, they are pretty much a solid oil that melts into a liquid once it meets the temperature of your finger tips.  They are seriously the best makeup removers!

Without futher ado, let's get into the review! :)

I seriously can not get over the adorable grapefruit/summery design of the packaging!

The product claims to:  (description taken from
1. Maintains the skin moist by cleansing seven the thick point makeups and waterproof makeups smoothly.
2.  The moist sherbet type balm dissloves smoothly on body temperature and cleanses cleanly.
3.  The grapefruit extract conveys vitality and vigor to the tired skin, and brightens the day with the fresh grapefruit scent.
4.  The hypoallergenic product cleanse the sensitive skin smoothly and mildly by excluding paraben, benzophenone, triclosan, triethanolamine, and BHT.

The lid of the container has a super cute matching grapefruit design and of course comes with a mini spatula.

In this cleansing sherbet you get 75g, which is a little less than the usual amount for most cleansing balms that are 100g or 120g.  However, cleaning balms are usually a bit more pricey and so far this one from Hope Girl is the cheapest one I've seen.  It retails for $13.58 on with free shipping! :)  Not bad for a cleansing sherbet at all!

Right when you remove the plastic cover you'll get a whiff of grapefruit and oh my gosh it's so refreshing and smells sooooo good!  Love the scent!  Could seriously smell this all day!

Alright, time for a demo! ^o^

Here is my face with my daily makeup.  I have on pretty much everything; foundation, concealer, eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, lipstick, contour, blush, highlight, ect.

The aftermath of massaging the sherbet into my skin for roughly two minutes.  You could see that it took off my eyebrows, lipstick and eye makeup right away.

And cleansing is finished! :)  As you can tell, it did a really nice job of removing mascara, which is usually the worst to take off.  While I was washing off the cleanser, it felt like no matter how much I washed my face, the product will not come off but no worries it's just the moisturizing effect of the cleanser.  Overall it's an amazing cleanser!  It's definitely different from other cleansing sherbets as it moisturizes my face.  Highly recommend this cleanser if you're looking for a makeup remover, plus the price is friendly!  

Thanks for reading and see ya in my next post! :)

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