Sunday, August 17, 2014

Memebox Special #17 - K-styled Cosmetics Unboxing + discounts

imageYo!  I'm super excited to talk about this memebox!  I order this box two months ago and it finally came!  This is my first memebox special box, which is called the K-style box.  Wow, I used to word box a lot.
First I'll talk about memebox.  Memebox is a korean site and so you're suppose to be getting the "hottest" trends in korea.  They have the original memebox (comes out every month), memebox specials (4-8 products full and sample sizes, based on a theme), naked boxes (shows what you get), super boxes (4-8 full sized items), collaborations (collabs with well known bloggers and youtubers, and shows you what you get).  Yup, that's pretty much it.  Oh yeah, they also have a shop, where you can get items that were featured in past sold out boxes.


If you like this box be sure to not miss out on the second box!  Read til the end for promos

I paid for standard shipping, but it came in SIX DAYS!!!  Not weeks but days!  Super happy with that, but I also ordered a box a while ago and it's not here yet.  It most likely is taking the long way here, like how it's suppose to.  Standard shipping takes 15-22 days, but I seriously do not know why some of my boxes come in 6-9 days.  Hopefully my other box gets here soon. ^__^


As always the usual hot pink box.  This box is smaller than the other boxes I have.


Every box comes with a menu card, except "naked boxes."  This box contains 7 FULL SIZED items!  I believe I got this box for free.  I used all my points and some discounts. >.<


Gahh!!! I love opening these boxes!  It's pretty full. :D

Okay here I'll list the items:

  • Bbia Pigemeent 1.8g - full size, in color 04 Sweet ($5)
         Its color is pretty, but I just don't like gold on my eyes.  Super pigmented too. 
  • Awesome Aqua Radiance CC Cream 30 ml - full size ($29)
         I have to say, this is my second favorite product in this box.  You don't have to worry about the color because it will not change your color!  Thank you!  I'm pretty light but Korean bb creams are just TOO PALE!  I mean I sometimes look like I just died yesterday.
  • RiRe Luxe Auto Gel Eyeliner Champagne - full size ($14)
  • RiRe Luxe Auto Gel Eyeliner Choco Brown - full size (14)
         These eyeliners are smudge and water proof for sure!  And they're pretty long lasting.  The pigmentation on my eyes are not as intense as it is on my hand. :(
  • A'PIEU Full of Nature Mascara 4.3g - full size ($3)
       At first I thought, okay, this mascara is nothing special, but it helps maintain healthy lashes and it does give me a bit of length.
  • Shara Shara Feminine Single Blusher - full size, in CR01 Soft Coral ($7)
         On my face it is totally not the color it is in the packaging. :(  But it's still a pretty color.
  • Secret Key Sweet Glam Tint Glow 3.5g - full size in 03 Fuscia Purple ($24)
       At first I thought I wouldn't like it because it was a tint and that it might not even have color to it, but I was wrong.  It is shear but if you layer its color show ups very well.  I am super happy that I ended up with this color.  This is my favorite item in this box.  Maybe because i'm a lip person?  Haha.

Final thoughts:  
Umm... It's a nice box.  Totally worth the value.  Memebox's special boxes usually retails for $23-$29.  The total cost for this box is $96 and you're only paying 1/3 of the price, not even.  I'm not oh my gosh about this box, it doesn't make me feel happy that I got it, (maybe because I missed out on the all about lips box.) but it's still a nice box to have. :)
Overall thoughts on Memebox:  imageimageimageimage/5
As you guys might of know, I am in a bittersweet relationship with memebox.  This is the 6th box I've bought with my own money and so I believe I've got enough experience to actually talk about the service and everything else.  One thing I hate the most about memebox is the waiting time.  They release new boxes every week and ships out in the next month or two.  Plus they get sold out SUPER DUPER fast. TT__TT  Their customer service used to be good, but now it takes them a while to reply and sometimes they don't even reply. -_- Otherwise I love memebox.  I don't like to wait on things I buy online.  Haha.  I think every person should at least have one memebox.

So I am currently waiting for the 1st collab box.  I read a review on the girls night out box and am planning to buy one.  I for sure am getting the lipstick box.  Don't know if I should get the girls night out or luckybox 9.  Ummm.....

Oh yes, memebox RESTOCKED some boxes!  So go check them out before they're sold out!
Here are the promos for the month of August!::
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Free shipping on orders over $70 on memeshop:  FREESHIPPING
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10% off orders $50 order on memeshop (big sale right now): USEXTRA10%  Ends on Aug 19th (only for USA)

Wearing everything from the box!  Loving the lipstick tint very much! >//<
Thank you so much for reading!  If you have more questions about memebox or ANYTHING really message me!  I so lonely! :(  Thanks again. ^__^