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MEMEBOX I'm Eyeshadow Palette #SP02 Night to Day In Depth Review with Swatches

Image credit: Memebox's official instagram 
Hello!  Today I'll be sharing a newly released Eyeshadow palette from Memebox with you guys! :)  Not only did they released one but TWO gorgeous eyeshadows palettes!  On the left is Day to Night, which features super wearable warm browns and apricots, perfect for everyday wear.  To the right is Night to Day, which contains a combination of romantic pinks and deeper browns.   Both palettes contains shimmer and matte shadows which is awesome because I do love me some shimmer but also mattes!  And for my package this month I received one of the palettes to review for you guys! ^o^

I received I'm Eye Shadow Palette in Night to Day. ALKDJFDG Dat gold eyeshadow! <3

As always Memebox's box packaging is sleek and simple. 

On the back of the box has a lot of info written in Korean.  Too bad I can't read it. :(

Oh, cute little bunny is spotted!  Glad to know that they don't test on innocent animals! :)

The packaging of the palette is black with "I'm Eye Shadow Palette" printed on the front.

The palette says there are 10 grams in total and there are 10 shadows so each pan is 1g which is a nice amount.

Probably the best feature of this palette for me is the large mirror and that the palette can open up to a 180 degrees (flat).  Yes! >o<  It also has a very nice magnetic closure.

Oh, so pretty! *o*

Once you open the palette there is a clear plastic sheet with the names of the shadows corresponding to their colors.  The palette also comes with a duo ended brush but it isn't worth keeping.

Gahh!  The colors look soooo pretty!

Ready for some arm swatches? ^__^
Photo taken with flash and eyeshadows are swatched without primer.
Every Night - Mate off white
Date Night - Matte rosy pink
One Night - Raspberry pink with gold micro-glitters
Glam Night - Metallic golden cooper
Women Night - Matte cool toned medium brown
Hug Me Night - Light pink champagne with white mirco-glitters
Sensual Night - Metallic garnet
Tonight - Deep purple with sliver, purple, and gold mirco-glitters
Mature Night - Shimmery taupe
Dark Night - Shimmery dark brown

I seriously love the combination of the colors in this palette.  They're wearable and some shades really make a statement.  My favorite shades are Women Night, Glam Night, Mature Night and Sensual Night. >o<  I can't pick an absolute favorite out of those four but the color that is most unique would be Sensual Night.   It's soooo beautiful!  You have to swatch it in real life to see how beautiful it is.  Okay, enough about how gorgeous the colors are, let's see if they perform just as good as it looks. ;)

These eyeshadows claim to be butter-soft, build-able, blend-able, apply thin and adheres closely to the lids for minimal creasing and fall-outs and have pearl extract to brighten the eye area.  And I do agree with all of the claims above.  The shimmer colors feel super buttery soft but the mattes one aren't as soft.  They feel almost dry, especially Every Night and Date Night.

Although the pigmentation is not as great as American high end brands, the color pay off is still very good and is easily build-able to the color in the pan, except for Every Night.  No matter how much I try to build up this color it just doesn't work.  So I use it as a "setting powder" (lol) for my under eye concealer and anywhere else I place concealer.  Date Night is also another color that doesn't show up  well.

When applying these shadows there are tiny bits of fall-outs.  Every Night and Date Night are a chalky and has quite a few fall outs.  Other than those two shades all of the other shadows apply smoothly, especially the darker shades.  I'm seriously surprised how long these eyeshadows last!  I used Women Night to contour my nose and did multiple check-ins within the day and noticed that my nose didn't disappear! (haha, I have a supa flat nose)  I was super surprised because my nose is where I get most oily and the contour on my nose usually disappears within five hours.  BUT Women Night stayed on all day and it's getting warmer now too!  Oh my gah... I don't know anything anymore...  The shadows stays on for a good 8+ hours expect for Hug Me Night, it starts fading a few hours after the application.  :(  I don't use primer nor do I have oily lids.  Oh yes, there is also very little to none creasing.

In this super natural glowy makeup look I am wearing Every Night and Hug Me Night on the brow bone, Huge Me Night on the lids and inners corners, a mixture of Date Night and Women Night in the crease, a tiny dab of Mature Night to deepen the crease and a mixture of Women Night and Dark Night on the lower lash line.

For this gold smokey night look I used Glam Night on the lids, Women Night with a tiny tiny bit of Date Night in the crease, a mixture of Sensual Night and Mature Night the deepen the crease, and Dark Knight on the outer v and a bit in the inner corners.  For the bottom lash line I used Women Night and Dark Knight on the outer half.

Overall:  It's a nice palette for beginners.  Again, the shades are nicely pigmented but not as pigmented as American high end brands.  The colors blend very easily and are build-able which means there's less room for mistakes.  The shadows also lasts quite a while on the lids, especially the darker colors.  For the looks above I did not use an eye shadow primer and if you do, I'm sure the shadows will work and wear even better. :)  Don't forget that there are two palettes!  Day to Night and Night to Day!

Oh yes!  I forgot to mention the price of these palettes!  They retail for $27.50 and to me that's a bit pricy on the side.  Do I think it's worth it?  Ummm...kind of.  I mean you get seven gorgeous colors that are creamy, blends well, good color pay off but three shades are kinda eh.  I personally think it's a bit overpriced and would pay no more than $25 for it. Would I buy it again?  Most likely, but only with memepoints and coupon codes.  

Before I go read manga and watch Korean dramas I to want to quickly mention that every time I open this palette I can't help but feel like I've seen some of the shades somewhere else before...

Photo taken with flash and eyeshadows are swatched without primer.
So, I went threw my Memebox palettes and found three very similar shades that matches perfectly with Glam Night, Mature Night and Women Night.  Glam Night - Lure Amber from their Limited Edition I'm Lure Palette in Lure Encanto Brown.  Mature Night - Shine Ashy Brown from Pony Shine Easy Glam 3 in Pink Bloom.  Women Night - Easy Brown from Pony Shine Easy Glam 1.  I also noticed that Glam Night and Mature Night also looks like Shine Gold and Glam Expresso in Pony's Shine Easy Glam 1 palette.  Honestly, I would rather spend an extra $2.50 for Pony's palette because I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE that palette and highly recommend it!  Half of the palette is matte and the other half is all out shimmer and it seriously has to best mix of colors.  Her palette retails for $30 which hits the free shipping mark! ^__^

Well, that's it for today!  I hope you found this review helpful and if you've tried these night and day palettes how do you like them?  Or what are your favorites shades in this palette?

Thank you so much for reading and see you guys in my next Memebox post!  I'm excited because it's going to be on Pony Effect!!! ^o^) /Yay!  I have an upcoming brow tutorial with her brow products!  So look forward to it. :)

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