Friday, December 18, 2015

Petite Cherry Sonia Unlined Transparent Underwired Bra Set in Navy Review

Hello!  I'm back with an intimate review from Petite Cherry.  Petite Cherry kindly let me chose a bra and panty set to review.  I picked Sonia Unlined Transparent Underwired Bra Set in Navy.  This set is available in five different colors; black, navy, pink, lilac and mauve.  I was about to get the lilac one but quickly changed my mind to navy because I thought it'll look more mature.  Haha.

Petite Cherry is an intimate apparel shop that has super cute high quality Japanese style bras and panties that are comfortable and most of all, affordable.  One of the best things about Petite Cherry is that they carry an awesome range of sizes.  They believe every women deserves to feel absolutely sexy, confident and appreciate how beautiful they are.  And this is soooo true!  I absolutely love the story behind the brand.  You can read more of Bree's story and how she came to find Petite Cherry here. :)  After reading the story of the brand, the name of the brand is super cute!

Without further ado let's get into the review. ^__^

It comes in a medium black box with the brand's logo sticker in the center.

I did not think they'll package it sooo cutely!  The bra and panty set comes in a plastic bag wrapped in pink tissue paper topped with a black ribbon with "Petite Cherry" printed in a dark gold color and sealed with a Petite Cherry sticker.  They also pop in a photo card.

The bra has swirl like designs all over the mesh fabric and a lace design on the top and bottom.   In the center is a super bow, bows make everything cute. >_<  The panty also has the same design.  The support of this bra is medium and the straps of this bra is very nice and sturdy/strong. ;)  The panty fits perfectly and is comfortable.  And very breezy LOL.

Petite Cherry is based in China so I thought the sizes might run a bit small but they actually run true to size so, you can order the size you usually wear or you can go one up on the band size and a cup smaller.  For example, 36C to 38B.

Overall, $30.90 for a super cute bra AND panty set is super worth it. :)  They have many bra and panty set styles and designs for a super affordable price with high quality.  You would think it'll cost a lot for a cute Japanese lace underwear set but it's seriously affordable on Petite Cherry.  I will purchase from Petite Cherry again because one, how can you resist such cute bras?  Haha.  Second, when you buy 5 sets you can get another one free!  Lastly, they have 3 for $73 (which saves you 21%) with free shipping. :)   If you're into cute Japanese style bras I HIGHLY recommend you check Petite Cherry!

Right now Petite Cherry is having a holiday sale through Dec. 23 on selected bra and panty sets!  If you'd like to try out their products make sure you don't miss this sale! :)  Happy shopping!