Monday, June 22, 2015

Korean MakeUp VS American Makeup Tutorial

Hello!  Today I did two makeup tutorials of Korean and American Makeup.  Just a heads up I'm not a professional so my technique and everything sucks so don't bash on me. (>_<)

Korean Make Up

Products used:

Circle Lens:  Style Brown
Soyoung x Memebox Eye Shadow Sticks: Lovely Rose Gold, Sepia, Deep Bronze
Tonymoly Luminous Goddess Aura BB Cream
Estee Lauder More Than Mascara Rich Black
Shara Shara Feminine Blusher CR01 Soft Coral

There are many ways to do Korean Makeup and I decided to do a very minimal simple everyday makeup look.  I kept the eye makeup simple and focused on the lips.  I used a waterproof eyebrow pencil and by the end of the day I still have eyebrows, which makes it also sweat proof, it's starting to get super hot in Wisconsin.  The eyeshadow sticks also lasts quite long and are great for warmer weather.  (click here to read full review on them ^_^ )  I'm dying in this summer heat... Gradient lips are super popular in Korea and for that I used, one of the most popular lip tints among young women: Tony Moly Delight Tint in cherry pink.  To add on to the gradient, I applied Solone Souffle Lipstick in water tangerine.  I do not recommend this lip crayon/stick all over the lips.  I hate how it gives a metallic look to my lips.  I would only recommend using this lip crayon when you're doing a gradient lip.  It works wonderful as a transition from the tint to the concealed lips and highlighting the cupids bow.

American Make Up

Products Used:

Circle Lens: Dolly Eye Bubble Grey
TheFaceShop Lovely ME:EX Makeup Base #green
Mac Face Kit by Rebecca Moses BROWN
Max Factor Vivid Impact Lip Liner #110 Rose Rage
Estee Lauder More Than Mascara Rich Black
Hard Candy Clamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer in Ult Light
Sorry, I don't know what eyelashes I used, the labels are gone. >_<

Looking back at this, I did a bad job on this make up.  I think it's the bottom lashes that makes it look wried.  There are also many ways to do "American Makeup" and I decided to do a heavy-ish eye look with nude lips.  I'm not that good with makeup so I look kind of silly with American style makeup.  Oh yeah, I did use eyelid tape if you're wondering what was on my lid.  It's not as visible once I added lashes.

I got new circle lens from Uniqso!  They're Dolly Eye Bubble Grey.  I've always seen them but I ever ever thought about getting them because they looked "scary."  But now I'm thinking "why didn't I get these lens earlier?"  Right now Deiso lens are super popular for their stunning and natural effect.  I really wanted some but they only lasts up to 3 months.  So I decided to get these bubble grey lens because they last longer and are cheaper.  In conclusion, these lens are a good dupe for them. ;)  The color is light, it almost blends in with the whites of my eyes.  They look super nice far away and in low quality photos (haha).  It is a bit also hard to tell which side is the "inside."  Another thing I don't like is that they're 14.8mm.  I wished they were smaller so the design/color can cover more of my dark brown eyes.  The comfort is normal, just like any other lens.  Other than the size, I would give these lens a 2.75 out of 5 stars.  I do recommend these lens for those who want natural looking grey-ish blue eyes. 

Here's another photo of American style makeup.  The one I did above is not to my liking.  My eyebrows are different every time I do my makeup.  Is that just me?

Uniqso is having a Mid Year Bonanza Event!

Well, that's it for today.  I personally like to mix the two looks together for my "daily" makeup.  Which look you do prefer?