Saturday, April 22, 2017

Welly Merck Classic New York R | 36 mm Watch Review

Hello! :)  Today, I'll be sharing with you guys a watch I received from Welly merck.  The brand offers luxury watches are affordable prices for everyone.  Their watch style and design is very modern and classy which made it so hard to choose!  In the end, the watch I chose to review is the Classic New York R 36mm.  Without further ado, let get into the review! :)

It comes in a nice black box with the Welly Merck Logo and name embossed.

 Inside the box, comes with a mini manual booklet and a warranty info card.

Ah!  This Classic New York R watch with the rose gold strap is sooo gorgeous to look at!  It's seriously the perfect shade of rose gold.

The straps are interchangeable so you can change them up whenever you feel like changing up the style from elegant and classic to laid back and causal wear. ( ^o^ ) Don't forget to check out the different style strap Welly Merck have to offer! :)  You also have the choice to pick a white or black dial.  Both are super stunning.

One of my favorite feature of this watch is that it's super easy to put on.  You simply have to push down on the clasp and that's it!

Love the logo engravement here.

Let's take a moment and admire the beauty of this watch!  Haha.

Overall thoughts: Absolutely love this watch!  The design and overall style in general is timeless and best of all, unisex.  The straps are also long so if you like to wear your watches further down you wrist you can!  There is a bit of weight to the watch so you know it's made from quality craftsmanship. The watch itself is thin which is nice and comfortable to wear.  I highly recommend you guys check out Welly Merck. They have stunning dials and straps designs... oh my goodness, I wish I can have them all! ( >o< )

Welly Merck was kind of enough to give me a coupon code for you guys! ^o^ Yay!  If you want you use my coupon code "HOLLY20" you'll save 20% off your purcahse and Welly Merck offers FREE DHL express shipping!  Can't get any better than that! ;)

Thank you so much for reading, until next time! 

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