Sunday, December 20, 2015

[JOLSE] Koelf Pearl & Shea Butter Eye Patch Review

Hello!  Today I'll be sharing Koelf's Pearl and Shea Butter Eye Patch from Jolse with you guys.  :)  I actually got this item for free when she(the owner) was holding an event for beauty bloggers around the world to review 3 different types of Koelf's eye patches.  She was giving out five of each eye patch so 15 total, and turns out I was one of those 15!  Ahhh! ^o^)/ Lucky!

I forgot that I entered the event and randomly went to their facebook page one day and saw that she has chosen the winners and they have to claim their prize by Nov.5!  It was Nov.5th that day but Korea was already on Nov.6th!  I quickly emailed the owner and luckily she shipped it the next day. >_< Haha.  Anyways, I chose to review the pearl and shea butter because my under eyes are dry and need moisture!

Before I get into the review, let's get some info on the brand Koelf, because I never heard of this brand before.  >_<  I always have to look up new brands I don't know because it's just the way I am. :)  On the brand's official website it reads; "Koelf is a brand which pursues the ever-lasting beauty of the elf.  It represents the confident and glamorous beauty of women in their 20s-30s."  Below their brand story are three beautifully illustrated elves.  Elves are known to have flawless and youthful beauty, so I guess that's the main idea behind the brand. :)  

Again, there are three different eye patches; Gold and Royal Jelly (smoothing and firming), Ruby and Bulgarian Rose (brightening), and lastly Peal and Shea Butter (glowing and moisture).  These eye patches retail for $12.98 on Jolse but they're always having sales and right now they are $11.03 + free shipping!  That's what I LOVE about Jolse, free shipping with no minimum price!  YASSSS.  (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

The outside packaging is seriously soooo pretty!  I absolutely love the light lilac color.  The word Pearl has sort of a holographic effect to it.  So pretty!  They put so much thought into the packaging!

On the front side of the box is a label.  Too bad I can't read Korean.  Anyways, inside are hydro gel masks which are a lot (in my opinion) better than the cotton sheets because they actually stick on the face and it just feels nicer on the skin.  :)  Trust me, once you try hydro gel sheet masks, you'll ever go back to cotton masks (although I still use them. haha).  If you don't know what hydro gel masks are, it's water in a jelly form to give the skin exceptional hydration and excellent for absorbing rich moisture and nutrients.

The other side of the box has the Koelf's logo and product name which is also printed with a holographic effect.  I really like this touch.  I think the holographic effect makes it look fun to look at.

Once you open the box you'll find two flaps.  It might be directions?  I dunno.  I'm surprised to not see any English translations anywhere when they are a global brand. :(  Oh yes, inside you'll also find a cute little spatula to help pick up the eye masks that are soaked in essence.  I find the little spatula super helpful because skincare products like this can be contaminated easily.

Oh my gosh, the packaging is super cute.

Product Features:
- Glossy and moisturized skin with peal and shea butter
- Pearl, which has 20 kinds of mineral and amino acid to make skin appear bright and glossy.
- Shea butter with rich nutrition and amazing moisturizing power, to make skin soft and moist.
- Intense care for sensitive and weak eye-skin with this taegeuk-shaped (the same shape that can be found on the Korean flag) eye patch.

The main ingredients in this product are:  pearl power, shea butter, gold extract, green tea extract, mugwort extract, citron extract, huttuynia cordata extract, and shaddock seed extract.

There is a protective seal that covers the eye masks.  Once, that seal is peeled off the product will only last two months.  There are a total of 60 pieces (30 pairs) so I guess you can use this two-three times a week before it's due date.  The gel eye patches are white and sadly with no glitter unlike the other two eye masks.  Haha.  I like glitter. ^o^

How to Use:
1.  After cleansing, apply a toner.
2.  Take an eye patch with the spatula
3.  Apply the eye patch around the eye area
4.  Wait for 30 minutes or 40 minutes if you feel your skin is in bad condition and take it off.
5.  Tap the rest of the essence lightly with ringer finger.

I placed the hydro gel eye masks right below my eyes since that's where I tend to be drier.  I believe you can place these eye patches anywhere around the eye area thats needs attention.  It was easy to take out the eye patches with the spatula and to apply on the face.  

After using this product for two weeks (6 times) I really like these eye masks!  After using it for the first time I woke up the next morning and noticed that my under eyes were really soft and felt super moisturized!  I like to leave it on for 40 minutes because I sometimes forget that I have something under my eyes.  Haha.  I'm impressed with how much it did with only one use.  After a few more uses my under eyes have been less drier, more moisturized and a bit, just a bit brighter.  I absolutely love hydro gel masks and this product (maybe because I'm a sheet mask collector)!

-  Super fun to use
-  Does what it says (moisturizing and brightening) 
-  For all skin types
-  3 different types of eye patches
-  Inexpensive
-  Comes with a spatula
-  Doesn't fall off once applied

-  Only for 30 uses
-  Short shelf life once opened (2 months)
-  Can be contaminated easily if you're not careful

Overall:  If you'd would like to try out intensive eye skin care products I highly recommend checking these eye patches out! :)  Once again, there are 3 different types; Gold and Royal Jelly (smoothing and firming), Ruby and Bulgarian Rose (brightening), and lastly Peal and Shea Butter (glowing and moisture). 

I hope you found this review helpful, and if you've tried Koelf's eye patches let me know how you feel about them in the comments!