Monday, May 4, 2015

Fail Red Velvet Ice Cream MakeUp Tutorial + ICK Gaudy Blue & Wig Review

Ah, so full right now.  Just came home from eating Korean food with friends.  I think I'm done with Asian food for a while.  Haha.  Anyways, I'm back with another circle lens review!  Yay!  But this time I decided I should go with something different, so I went with a tutorial!  Haha.  It's not the best, but I tried...  so embarrassing, first time showing my bare eyeballs.  LOL.

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While ordering items for my April review I wanted to do a Red Velvet Inspired Makeup look but it kind of failed.  They had every natural makeup with light grey/blue contact lens but I kind of added a bit of red in it too.  I was looking at Joy's makeup by the way.

I placed images of the products I used, but since you can't really tell I'll list them here:

ICK Gaudy Blue Review:
For the first time in forever, the circle lens look just like how it show up in the model.  I was googling pictures of new ICK lens that Uniqso added to their site and it really looks just like how it looks on the model. 

When I first received these in the mail I was like "oh my gah, so vibrant!"  I didn't even put them in my eyes yet.  I've never seen such opaque color on lenses before.  When I first tried it on I really liked them!  I've worn them multiple times to actually feel the comfort and I'll say it's okay.  The first time I've wore them it was a bit drying after 2-3 hours, but as I started to wear them more it didn't dry my eyes out as much as it did the first time.  When I wore them to school (about nine hours) they felt perfectly fine.  Some girls really liked these lens.  They said it looks pretty real.  But I don't think they look as natural, but it's not that fake looking since it's a real eye color that people have.  The lens are a bit on the dramatic side but I think they're still very wearable. 

What I like about them is that it really covers my dark brown eyes A LOT.  The blending between the lens and my natural eye color is clear but I guess it's okay.  I do like the hints of yellow towards the middle, it makes the eyes look more alive (I guess?).  The size of these lens are 15mm and so it enlarges my eyes pretty big.  Oh yeah, These lens also do not have a hula effect (when the lens doesn't move with your eye) which is nice. ;)  These lens look stunning in photos and in person.

Overall, I would rate these lens a 3.5 out of 5.

Selca cut!  

The wig I'm wearing is a cosplay of Ookami Ryoko.  It's the closet color to Joy's in Ice Cream.  The color also reminds me of the first time I bleached my hair.  Haha.  It's 100 cm long and so I did cut it to fit my taste, it's now up to my hips.  I also cut a bit of the bangs since there was too much hair.  As I was cutting the wig everything was going smoothly, but after cutting it and trying it on somehow a HUGE knot was created.  I guess that's part of my fault.  It tangles pretty easily too.  Despite the tangles of the wig the hair is soft and smooth.  Overall I'll rate this wig a 3 out 5.  

Oh yes, with the wig Uniqso sent a wig cap and oh my goodness!  This wig cap is sooo much better than my other one.  It's the kind where there's two openings and you slip it through your head to your neck and pull it back up.  It really flattens your hair big time, especially if you have a lot of hair.  Totally recommend getting this type of wig cap. ;)

Guess what it's almost Mother's Day! ( ^o^ )/  And Uniqso has a pretty awesome promo.  Check it out here.  You can order 2 items listed on the page, which are up to 20% off and enjoy lower DHL express shipping.  You can also get a FREE VIP Gold BB Cream 5g when you purchase the full size (40g, $24.57).  Not only that, but you can also get a FREE pair of Barbie, Kawaii, Lens Story lens when you order 3 items on the page.  The prices are seriously super cheap for circle lens.  And the best thing is that they're not ugly lens.  They're actually pretty nice.  Some of them I've already reviewed. ;)

Well that's all for today. ^____^  Until next time.