Wednesday, July 27, 2016

[MEMEBOX] PONY EFFECT Personal Cheek Review & Swatches

Back with another Pony Effect Review! :D  There has been sooo many releases that I've been wearing Pony Effect makeup non-stop!  Haha.  Not that I'm complaining or anything.  Today, I finally bring you guys a review on Pony's Personal Cheek blushes.  Sorry I took forever to post this! >_<  I've been busy planning my sister's baby shower that happened last weekend.  (check out how cutely we decorated it on my insta!)  It was too hot and humid to be outside on Sunday!... Anyways, let's just straight into the product review shall we!? :)

There are a total of five gorgeous blushes in this Personal Cheek collection; Call You Mine, Lusty Singing, Safe Forever, Flame of Desire and Count on Me.  Pony Effect does not test on animals.  Mr. Bunny is usually spotted on the packaging, but I couldn't find him until I opened the closed (taped) side of the box!  Haha.  Which is why Mr. Bunny is not seen in this post.

As always, the box packaging features the classic navy blue and metallic gold colors with the product name and size printed on the front.

Product Description:  Blush pretty in this velvety soft, blendable powder. Featuring Skin Fit System, this luxurious powder blends effortlessly to add a healthy pop of color that lasts. (taken from

Pony's Tip: 
"For a three-dimensional look, try applying different shades of blush on different areas of cheek and blend out."  (taken from

Love how almost all of her products have a see through section on the packaging.  It makes differentiating shades so much easier! :)  The case has a very strong magnetic closure, so strong that it can carry another blush!  The packaging feels a bit cheap but looks luxurious.  I did accidentally drop one of these blushes while using them and surprisingly it did not break.  Although the packaging feels cheap, it's quite durable. :)  Oh yes, forgot to mention that the case also opens 180 degrees. 

On the back of the cases are the names in Korean and English, product amount and the expiration date.

 On the bottom right corner is a cute mini Pony Effect thunder bolt engraved in the gorgeous rose gold pan.

(photo taken in natural light, without flash)
Here is an arm swatch of all the blushes.  Swatches are swatched without primer and layered twice.

First time doing cheek swatches! :D  I did apply these blushes with a heavy hand because I took the photos with flash and flash takes away 20% of makeup.  So yeah, that's why I applied a lot of blush.

Lusty Singing - A cute cool toned apricot color with a matte finish.  It gives off a girly and innocent look.  Perfect blush color for the warmer seasons! :)

Flame of Desire - A gorgeous red coral with gold mirco-glitters that gives a golden sheen.  I love this shade!  It's definitely unique and something I don't have in my collection.  Out of all the blushes, Flame of Desire is the most pigmented.  The first time I applied it, I swirled my brush in it and BAM!  I had a strong red coral mark on the side of my cheeks!  Haha.  For this shade, I barely have to tap my brush into the blush.

Call You Mine - A warm light pink with a slight tint of peach in a matte finish.  Call You Mine is one of the colors I've been wearing almost everyday with a mix of Count On Me.  It's the perfect daily blusher. :)

Safe Forever - A cool toned light pink with a slight tint of lavender in a matte finish.  Again, another color I don't have in my collection.  I gravitate towards the warm mauvey and peachy blushes because I barely do any cool toned looks even though I have neutral undertones.  Haha.

Count On Me -   A beautiful mavuey rose shade with a matte finish.  I have many blushes within this color range because it's the kind of blush color that will suit almost any makeup look.  Haha.  It's also perfect for those who likes a "no makeup" makeup look.  :)

These blushes have a velvety soft texture that blends easily.  They apply smoothly and doesn't enhance any texture on the skin.  They're decently pigmented and since I'm not too big on blush, one layer is enough to add a nice flush of color back to my face.  Flame of Desire is very pigmented so I barely need to tap my brush into the blush.

Remember the story I told in my Pony Effect Countoring Master palette?  Well, I'll just copy and paste it here.  Haha. "I was wearing all Pony Effect makeup one day(it was hella hot outside) and throughout the day I played a game of football, basketball and was running and sweating all over the place.  After cooling down my little sister said "How come your makeup doesn't come off when you sweat?"  I wasn't wearing any makeup base primer or anything either!  Pony Effect makeup game going strong!"  On that day I was wearing Count On Me and the blush did not even budge!  Even throughout all that sweating it lasted me a good 6 hours before it started to fade!  I'm surprised these are long lasting!  My blush is usually the first thing to fade too!  I'm really liking these blushes.

I did read other reviews on these blushes and the reviews weren't so good.  On me, these blushes show up very well and only need about a layer or two to show up.  Maybe because my complexion is very fair???  I'm supa pale like a vampire, like I just woke up from the dead.  Yeah... I'm pretty pale.  So if you're worried about it not being able to show up on your complexion, try the darker blushes like Count On Me and Flame of Desire.

Would I recommend?  YES!  They're long lasting, build-able, blends easily, gives a natural flush of color and travel friendly.  I hope you found this review helpful!  If you've tried Pony's Personal Cheek or any Pony Effect how do you like them and what are your favorites?  Tell me in the comments below!  Don't be a stranger! :)

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