Monday, June 12, 2017

[MEMEBOX] New I'M MEME I'm Tic Toc Cushion Velvet Tint Review + Detailed Swatches

Oh my goodness!  I could not wait to share with you guys these amazing lip cushions!  I have to say these are my most favorite lip product from Memebox's I'm Meme brand EVER!!!  The matte crayons are amazing too but these are wayyy better in my option. :)  Without further ado, let's get into the review!

There are five shades in this Tic Toc Cushion Velvet Tint line.  The packaging, is the standard I'm Meme packaging, black boxes with a matching product color label at the top and of course the product name printed in black.

The packaging of these cushion velvet tints are somewhat similar to pens.  The packaging is also made in the same material as the matte lip crayons which feels like Nars' soft matte packaging.

On the back of the pens, are it's info like product name, amount, ect.  The packaging also features matching color labels towards to end so you won't have to guess and open every single cap to get to shade you're looking for.

To get product out you'd push the button on the bottom/end. :)

Oh my goodness I thought my lip cushion was empty!  I was literally pressing the button to this particular one for a good two minutes!  Had me worried a bit there Lively Orange! >o<  I like how there's small multiple holes instead of very few holes that are large.  I feel that the smaller holes allows the product to be distributed more evenly. 

Ohhhhh... look at those gorgeous bold lip colors! ( *o* )

Finally time for the most anticipated second half of the post, SWATCHES! ^o^

*swatches taken in natural light, without flash*
From bottom to top:  Dangerous Red, Lively Orange, Wicked Pink, Modest Beige, Innocent Beige.  Oh my goodness, I am obsessed with the shade selection!

*swatches taken in natural light, with flash*
From left to right:  Dangerous Red, Lively, Orange, Wicked Pink, Modest Beige, Innocent Beige.

Ready for the lip swatches?  This time around my lip swatches are a bit different.  These lip cushions claim to stay on all day and leave a gorgeous tint behind.  To show you guys the tint it leaves, the left swatches shows the lip cushions freshly applied and the right swatches are blotted roughly 3 minutes after it's been applied.

Dangerous Red - This beautiful and bold blue with a neutral undertone is super flattering!  It brightens my complexion and makes my teeth appear whiter and seriously, will make you look good!

Lively Orange -  I love this orangey-red tomato color!  It might not be everyone's cup of tea but I've always loved organey-reds.  This would be perfect for the warmer seasons! :)

Wicked Pink - My most favorite shade in this lip line!  It's a bright magenta pink that is fun and defintely makes a statement!

Modest Brown - I thought this would be my most loved shade in this lip line but it's more of a nude peachy beige color than a brunt orange brown shade that was shown in the official swatches.  Nonetheless, it's a nice nude color.

Innocent Beige - I don't really dig pink shades but this one is a super cute classic pink that this perfect for everyday.

Overall Thoughts:
The B.E.S.T. lip tints from the I'm Meme brand, scratch that, one of thee best lip tints I've ever tried! They have a beautiful semi-matte finish and the formula is super pigmented, creamy/velvety which feels comfortable on the lips, not drying like other lip tints, the longevity lasts all day, the applicator seriously 99.9999% guarantees a perfect application.  The formula is constant across the board so overall, I highly recommend you try out these lip tints if you love long lasting lip products!  Don't really know what else to say about these lip products because they're AMAZING! :)  Been wearing Dangerous Red, Wicked Pink, and Innocent Beige a lot recently.  These Tic Toc lip tints are defintely going on my top shelf!

MemeboxUSA no longer sells kbeauty and but other kbeauty retailers are slowly adding I'm Meme brand products to their sites!  If you're interested in getting these lip tints, they're available on Memebox's amazon site for $13.


Thank you so much for reading!  I am offically back to blogging!  Yay! ^o^ 

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