Wednesday, July 15, 2015

LotusLashes #504 & #311 Mink Fur Lashes Review

Hello there!  I have been waiting forever to share these mink eyelashes with you guys!~ :D I've always loved false lashes ever since I found out about in 6th grade.  Oh my gosh, I'm getting sooo old.... They're my ultimate makeup accessory.  Anyways, Lotuslashes recently sent me two of my favorite pairs from their mink lash collection.  Thank you Lotuslashes!  Lotuslashes has three different volume types; light volume, medium volume, and high volume.  I choose lashes #504 Medium Volume and #311 Light Volume.

If you don't already know what mink eyelashes are, they are made from cruelty-free mink and lightweight, no fuss and great for people with both sensitive eyes or contact wearers.  They are reusable up to 25 times, depending on how good you take care of them.  What's the difference between synthetic and mink lashes?  Well, mink eyelashes have a natural shine that synthetic lashes cannot duplicate, does not bother the eyes, not as heavy and lasts wayyy longer.

Stay tuned until the end for a discount code! ^__^

The packaging is super cute!  Look at that cute little black bow.  Pink and gold are some of my favorite colors when it comes to a product.  Shipping took about 6 days to arrive and I was surprised to see it come in a medium sized box.  I was expecting a small envelope but I was totally off!  I like how they didn't squeeze everything into a small little space.  They actually had everything laid out very prettily inside.  >_<  Love how they took the time to do that. :)  Oh yes, Lotus also offer free shipping over $20!  Their eyelashes retail at $20 (expect for newly released) so you pretty much get automatic free shipping.  US shipping is $1.95 or free with $20 purchases! You can read more about their shipping here.

On the back of the packaging, it as the application process, care instructions, and what's inside.

I was surprised to see this inside the package. (thank you lotus! >.<) Lotus recently released their own lash adhesive.  "Lotus Lashes brush-on glue is specially formulated for long-lasting war, and easy removal to make your false eyelashes last longer.  This formula is waterproof and sulfate/paraben free."  The brush is thin and doesn't have a lot of glue which is a good thing because I really hate it when there's too much glue on the lash band and having it slide to the lashes.  After using this adhesive for a few times, my lashes did not fall off.  My outer corners are where it would usually start losing it's hold but with this lash glue it stayed on pretty good.  It also dries on clear which is a plus for me.  I personally don't think it's that easy to remove from the lashes because it went on so thin that I can't even peel it off.  I don't like that stickiness  I haven't tested how good it would be with water but at least you know it's waterproof. :) 

Ah, here are the two lashes I picked.  #311 light volume at top and #504 medium volume at bottom.  It actually took me two hours to pick which lashes I wanted because they have such beautiful lashes that I seriously could not pick.

(photo taken from lotuslashes blog)

This post seriously helped me big time to choose which lashes to pick.  I have asian eyes (very small double lids) and it's sooo hard to find lashes that would actually give me length and look pleasing on.   Some of the recommend lashes for mono-lids are No. 75, No.151, No. 311, No. 1, No.325, and No.203. I went with one of their recommendations by getting no.311.

No. 311 will give your eyes light volume.  The alternating lengths makes it easy to blend your natural lashes and false lashes together giving the eyes a very natural look, perfect for everyday.

I have super short and thin lashes so these false lashes really helps give me medium volume.  These lashes doesn't really give me any lengthening effect but that's okay because I pick volume any day.  These lashes are good for people who doesn't want to wear a lot of eyeliner because the lashes will make the line for your eyes.  Conclusion?  Me like! ^_^

Selfie/selca time!  Oh my gosh I need an eyebrow mascara.  It's super hot so I went for a simple lip point make up. :)  Like my orange and hot pink lip ombre? :P

No. 504 have a wispy pattern for natural and everyday glamour.  These lashes are longer at the center and outer corners for an eye opening effect.  

I initially thought these lashes would be quite dramatic looking on my eye but it's actually pretty natural.  It gives me a lot of length and volume.  I thought no. 504 would be heavy since it looks so thick, but I was seriously shocked at how lightweight it is on my eyes.  I think these lashes would be good for people like me who have super short lashes or desire long lashes.  What I like about Lotus lashes is that they have the measurement of the lashes listed on the site. :)  Conclusion?  Me love! ^_^

Selca!  I look totally different huh?  Makeup skills!  Haha, just kidding.  Me no have no "skills" I'm an amateur.

By the way this is my first time trying mink eyelashes so I do not have anything to compare it to expect for human and synthetic lashes.  They are super comfortable on the eyes and it feels like I'm not wearing any false lashes at all.  Cutting your lashes to fit your eye length is super important when it comes to comfort!  If you're feeling itchiness at the inner or outer corners, it's because you need to cut them.  Trust me, it makes a big difference.  I didn't believe them about being lightweight but they are!  I also noticed that the hairs are super soft and have a nice natural shine.

Overall thoughts: 
I really like both of these eyelashes.  They're gorgeous, lightweight, easy to apply, and are wearable up to 25 times.  I do think they'll last a quite a while since mink fur holds better than human and synthetic hair.  My human lashes lasts me quite a long time since I do care for my lashes a lot.  Let's be honest, lashes are expensive. (-_-)  Overall I highly recommend them if you find human or synthetic hair lashes to be heavy, hard to apply, only wearable up to 3 wears.

As promised, LotusLashes kindly gave me a discount code for you guys! ^__^  You can enter "LOVELOTUS" for 15% off your order. :)  Enjoy.

Well, that's all for today.  Thank you so much for reading and until next time. (✿◠‿◠)