Monday, January 19, 2015

[WARNING: Photo Heavy & You might DIE!] Meet the New Puppy, Shiba Inu, Kobe.

Hello people!  I think this year I'm going to have a lot of lifestyle posts because having THREE dogs in your life makes it so much fun!  This is Kobe and I.  You have no idea how hard it was to take this photo.  Haha.  I don't have a phone and the ipads were occupied by the kiddos, so I had to take it with the DSLR camera.  Holding a puppy and a camera in the other while making sure you look okay was challenging.  Haha.  I keep getting his name wrong.  I would be him Bear or Zeus sometimes automatically.  Too many dogs in the house.  Sometimes I would also call him Cody or Toby.

Our first dog is Bear, a beautiful golden retriever.  I'm not exaggerating, he's seriously very good looking.  He's 2 years old now.  Our second dog is Zeus (20 weeks), a German shepherd who is 1/4 golden.  My brother in law really wanted his own dog and so that's how we got Zeus.

Jacob's (brother-in-law) niece wanted a puppy and so they got a white pomeranian for her.  It's super cute!  His name is Leo.  My sisters in law are planning to grow out his hair and cut it so that it'll look like Boo.  Haha.  That same day they bought Serenity a dog they also bought this little guy!

My sister sent me this picture.  When she told me they bought it, I told her thats it's my dog!  Shiba Inu is seriously the dog I've always wanted!  I knew right away it was a Shiba Inu.  I seriously died of a heart attack when she sent more pictures of him and Leo.  When I went over to my sister's in laws place I thought Kobe will be bigger, but he's actually really really really little!  This little guy was born on Halloween, Oct 31st.  

Later that night I did a bit of homework and researched how to train a Shiba Inu.  Oh my gosh, I never knew they would be so smart!  In pictures they always look so happy and friendly.  Well, I guess it all depends on the owner. :/

Took a few pictures after waking up from the first morning together.  It was a pain, but he's too cute so it's okay.   Fed him and then we went out for our morning walk.  Of course I had to take the camera with me. >_<

All of the pictures I took while walking were all blurry so we played outside in the front yard before going in.  Look at him!  Look at those paws!  I noticed that Kobe has one white claw.

Alright, ready for a load of cuteness?

Perfect timing!  He's so cute when he yawns.

Dat head tilt!

Doesn't he look good with red?  Don't worry that's not our German Shepherd, Zeus.  It's just my little brother's stuffed animal puppy.

Yup, he looks good in red.

Look at that face!  He's trying to take over meee!!!! 

Cuwweeee. :3

Ready to go inside and second photoshoot!  Haha.

Blurry but still very cute.  Bear and Kobe were fighting over the blue angry bird.

Looks like Bear gave up and left to go chill.

Oh, he looks so innocent.

Aigoo, having a second heart attack right now...

.......I died....... he's too asdfjkl;asdkljfas;fkl  He really likes this blue angry bird.

Look at that face!

And of course I have to share this one.  After the photoshoots these two dogs knocked out!  Haha.  Somebody tell me why they're sleeping 69 style.  Hahahahaha.  I love these dogs.  Bear and Zeus have their favorite spots in my room and this little guy is taking over all of them!

Webcam selca together with my little sisters and Kobe! :D  Look at him tilting his head.  Love his fox like appearance.


After all of these exams, this weekend was nice.  I love Kobe soooo much!  It's hard to be mad at him when he poops and pees in the house, but I have to or else he'll think it's okay and I'll lose to being the master.  Have to stay strong!

It's only the second day with Kobe and I feel like he's already changed.  His face looks different?  For sure his color is also different.  I don't know.  For sure he already knows his name!  Gosh shiba inus are smart!  So jealous.  He is a bit rebellious too.  Aigoo, I don't know what to do with him.  

Omo, I forgot!  I went a bit crazy and changed my whole facebook theme.  Haha.

Haha, isn't it perfect!?

Well, alright that's all for today.  I have to go and do other things.  *sigh*  All of these photos like be if not already likable and reblogable on my tumblr!  So check out my tumblr if you're also on there. :)

Well, until next time. :)