Sunday, January 11, 2015

PONY X MEMEBOX Shine Easy Glam 2 Palette and Meme I'm Series - Eyeliner, Blush, and Lip Crayon Review

Finally, I bought Pony's Shine Easy Glam palette number 2!  I wanted to use my points which did not get transferred until 2 weeks later, due to the busy holidays.  I ordered Pony's XO Starter Kit (includes Pony palette 2, I'm blush, eyeliner, lip crayon and eyeshadow brush) and Meme Hydrogel Mask Box (includes 5pcs) on Jan. 4th and received it three days later.  I seriously love their USA shop's fast shipping.  The starter kit is $35 and the masks are on sale for $10.  My total was $45 but only paid $22 using my points and a discount code.  Oh yes, if you're a US resident, spend $30 or more on their USA shop to get FREE SHIPPING!  :D

I guess I'll start off with Meme Hydrogel Masks.  I was sent one of these masks from Memebox a while back and I pretty much feel in love with them.  It made me skin look super glowy and healthy.  Overall a very nice complexion.  Plus it made my face super smooth.  Hydrogel masks are pretty expensive and are usually $5 up per mask, but Memebox's masks are only $3!  A box includes 5 sheets for $15 but they're on sale for $10 making it $2 per mask.  I also like the high quality mask.  It has 3 layers to make sure everything gets absorbed.  I don't think I'll ever go back to using those cheap cotton masks.

Ah, doesn't the colors look pretty?  I don't like that two of the eyeshadows are larger than the rest.  

I forgot to take a photo of the front of the box but you see it in the first image so...  The box has a nice little galaxy background to it.  The names of the eye shadows and the ingredients are in english at the bottom of the box.

Here's a size comparison to the first palette.  The second palette is 10.5 cm x 6 cm.  If you haven't read my review on Pony's first palette click here to read it. :)

Yay!  A full mirror!  Small palettes like this don't usually have mirrors, especially one that covers the whole top.

Bet you were waiting for these swatches!  I couldn't get Shine Peach and Shine Dew to show up.  They're very sheer glitters, but still very pretty.  The color I was looking forward to was Glam Violet.  It looked like such a pretty purple!  But it's not very pigmented and intense as it looks on the site.  I wonder how Pony made it look so pigmented... must of used a really nice primer.  I used an Urban Decay Primer for these swatches.

 Okay, this time I used an Etude House's primer.  I actually like Shine Peach, Shine Rose and Shine Dew.  Although they're almost just glitters they're perfect for the inner corners and highlight.  Glam Violet isn't that bad, it's actually pretty pigmented.  It's also the color with the least glitters.  Glam Bronze and Glam Mocha I used on my bottom and I could see myself using these everyday.

Overall thoughts on Pony's palette 2:   I know that some bloggers really disliked this palette and mention that the Korean bloggers love the palette and didn't understand why.  First off, this is a palette made by a Korean make up artist and Korean women like natural light eyeshadow and so they don't really like super pigmented shadows like us non-Korean bloggers.

Now for my own opinion.  You really do need an eyeshadow primer with these eyeshadows.  I don't know how Pony made it look so nice in her video.  Maybe because I'm not a professional make up artist, haha.  I think it's all on how you apply it.  I'm not very big on eye point make up.  I'm more of a lip point make up person and so light eyeshadow is an okay for me.  I didn't see any flaking or fall out while using these shadows which is good.  All of these shadows are glittery or shimmery so I don't recommend this palette if you don't like those type of shadows, but if you do grab it!  I do like the packaging.  It's small, which makes it very travel friendly and it has a full size mirror.  If I were to rate this out of 5, I would give it a 3.99.  But I can't deny that I still like Pony's first palette more.  I use it almost every time I do my make up. ;)  I think I will be using these two palette a lot.

I'm Meme Series:

Swatches of I'm blush in Bright Orange, Lip Crayon in Juliet, and Eyeliner in Jade.  These wore chosen at random, kind of wished they thought about the look but whatever I made it work.  Haha. 

I'm Blush:  Bright Orange was the color I was hoping not to get, but when it came in I was like Oh what a pretty color.  Haha.  It's on the sheer side but it's build-able.  I swear this blush disappears 3 minutes later after I applied it, maybe because of my contour?  Anyways, it didn't disappear after reapplying it after my contouring. :)  I love peach/orange blushes.  It's a super cute orange blush on the cheeks.  I like it.  I am also wearing it in the photo above showing Pony's palette.  I applied a light baby pink on the center of my cheeks and applied Bright Orange on the outer half of my cheeks.

I'm Lip Crayon:  For the lip crayon I was hoping for Bella because it sort of looks like the color of 3CE's Bella Lipstick.  Instead I got the color in Juliet which is a VERY electric pink.  I wanted to do a full lip color but it didn't work with the look I had, so I applied once and wiped it off (it's the color in the photo above).  It left a very nice color stain.  I am seriously impressed with the pigmentation.  One gentle swipe and BAM!  A bright pink showed up.  It also goes on smoothly and doesn't dry out my lips, nor does it have a sticky fell.  (Click here to read new review on the new released colors).

I'm Eyeliner:  I was hoping for Moonstone but received Jade instead.  It's not a bad color, it's a dark green with gold glitter.  I actually like it.  It's not too intense as a black which I like.  This line of eyeliners are called I'm Eyeliner Stay Put 24/7 and it sure does is what the name said it is!  When I swatched it and tested rubbing ability it did not budge at all!  I also had to go through THREE cleansing processes to get it off my hand.  Wow!  I'm love with these eyeliners!  Now, I'm planning to get the full set of these liners and guess what!  They're on sale for $15!  You're saving $10.  Click here if you're also planning to get them because I REALLY recommend these liners!  Especially if you have oily lids.  The pigmentation is also right there.  One swipe is all you need.  I am also wearing it in the photo above showing Pony's eyeshadows.

Overall of Memebox's I'm Series:  I am seriously impressed!  The pigmentation is there for the lip crayon and eyeliner.  The blush lacks pigmentation but is build-able.  I'm just really satisfied with these, I don't know what to say.  Now I want to try out everything from their own line.  I want their lipstick.  I might try out their eyeshadows.

Left selca, I used almost all of the colors in the Pony palette for my eye look, the Jade eyeliner, and lip crayon in Juliet.  I applied it in the center of my lips and applied concealer on the outer half of my lips.  Right selca, this time using lip point make up.  I applied the crayon all over my lips.  If you take a paper towel and dab it on your lips it leaves a really nice pink stain.  It also takes off the extra glossiness of the lip crayon.  :)

Yeah, I'm wearing my robe in both selcas, but who cares.  Ain't nobody wants to wear clothes at home.  Right?  Haha.  ( >.< )

Thank you for reading!  I think I might be working on my 3CE review next.  *sigh*  Exams are this week. (-__-)  Didn't start on my cheat sheet or finish my papers for my English classes.  Still need to work on my Photo class project too.  Aigoo.  Well, until next time! :)

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