Sunday, January 25, 2015

{WARNING: Photo Heavy & Cuteness Overload, You might Die Again.] Meet Leo the Lion

Hello!  Welcome to another doggy photoshoot post.  Meet Leo the Lion!  He's a super cute Pomeranian!  I went over to my sister's in laws place and took photos of this little guy.  We were in low yellow light and I didn't want to use flash because I thought it would hurt his eyes.  When I was editing these photos I was using my ASUS laptop and they looked perfect!  But then I went on my mac book and they were super yellow still!  So I edited them again to look good on my mac.  Aigoo, I really don't like monitors.  They change everything!

Anyways, let's hear my funny story about Kobe running away.  Before the sisters were home we took the three dogs; Zeus, Kobe, and Leo out to use the bathroom without a leash.  Zeus decides to go out into the street and starts walking away.  Kobe follows and starts running!  I was so scared he was going to be gone.  This little guy is super fast!  I thought him and fell into the snow.  Haha.  Too funny.  These little dogs are harder to catch than running chickens.  No kidding.

These two could play/fight all day.  I really don't know where Kobe's eyes went.

Isn't he cute?  Alright, ready for another cuteness overload?  I had another heart attack going through the 200 pictures I took.  Haha, this little guy doesn't stop moving.

Awww, look at those eyes.

Here's my only super clear photo.  He looks so tired here.

LOL!  I have to share this one.  He's sooo cute, even though it's blurry.

His head is sooo fluffy!  Aigoo.

Another super cute one.

I remember the first time I saw him I will always call him "she" but this time he's so masculine!  This shirt really looks good on him.

Awww, look at him.

One of my favorites.  He looks super happy here.

OH MY GOSH!  Boy am I happy that this picture is clear!  Look at that head tilt!  We were whistling mad to get him to tilt his head.  Us sisters were so funny, we were all squealing over this little guy's head tilt.  *sigh*  What we dog lovers do to get pictures of our pets.  Haha.

Another super cute photo.

Second photoshoot with a red sweater.

And of course I have to share these too.  Ah, this is the reason why I love dogs.  They have the most funniest faces sometimes.

If you haven't seen my Kobe photoshoot click here to view them!  He's super cute!  He's already changing colors.  When I finished editing these photos last night I posted them on facebook and all of the sisters changed their timeline photos to Leo.  Haha.  I found it kind of funny.  BUT I still have Kobe as mine!  I love my little bad boy.  Oh yeah, Serenity told me that my pictures of Kobe looks so pro.  I was like "ahh, really?"  It means lot when people say those things to me.  ( >_< )

Okay, that's all of today.  Gotta go take Kobe to training lessons later today.  Hopefully he'll be better when we're done with all of the sessions.  Until next time!