Sunday, February 1, 2015

I-Codi 48 Sliver Grey Lens Review

^^  My failed make up look. *sigh* -__-  ^^

Hello there!  I'm super happy that Uniqso is adding more and more circle lens to their site.  Recently they added a new brand called i-codi with their colors of the wind series.  Their are 50 colors and they're all very gorgeous looking on the model.  I just hope they look just as good or better in person since they photoshopped the lens on top of her eyes.  Anyways, I picked the color in 48 Sliver Gray.  I was totally sold when I saw it on the model.

Enter "yummmiiee" at checkout for 10% off your order. ;)

I tried looking up reviews on this series of lenses but couldn't find a single one, so I'll try my best to make this as detailed as I can. ;)

The packaging is different!  It comes in its own little box and design.  Cute, me like.

Design & Color:  3.5/5  I was seriously disappointed when they weren't as bright or vibrant as I thought they would be.  I thought these would be a light grey almost like the puffy 3 tones.  So sad.  BUT the color is still very nice!  It looks stunning in flash photography.  These lens are a medium grey in natural light.  They cover up my dark brown eyes very well too.  I do plan to try another pair of lenses from this series since they're almost no reviews on them. :)

Enlargement:  4/5 These lens are 15mm so they give just the perfect enlargement.

Comfort:  5/5  I've never seen a pair of lens that are 55% water content.  They're super comfortable to wear.  I worn them two times to school and they did not bother me at all.  I think this is the first time I've given comfort 5 out 5!

** I do recommend these lens!  You can never go wrong with grey lens. ;) **

Selcas with ma webcam!  Yeah, that's a chandelier.  My sister who used to be in this room installed it.  I've been meaning to do a room update under $200.  It's still a draft, but I'm working on it!  Kind of...  I'm also slowly working on my review for the 3CE foundation and blush in which I am wearing in these two selcas.  I actually like my brows today.  Haha.

Another one!  I don't know why, but every time I resize an image in photoshop it really lowers the resolution sooo much!  Anyone knows why?  When resized on my old laptop it was perfectly fine.  Please excuse the messy room. ( >_< ) /

Don't forget to check out Uniqso's Valentines Promotion!  It's pretty awesome stuff.
I'm still waiting for my kigurumi so expect that review some time soon.  Oh yeah, I also have a Memebox unobxing/review post coming up too.  So sad that they're stopping international shipping outside of the US, Korea, and China. ;u;  Well, I'll talk to you guys very soon! :D