Saturday, September 13, 2014

Daniel Wellington Watch Review + 15% off discount code! ^_^

Hello lovelys!  What a beautiful sunny day today! :) Daniel Wellington kindly sent me one of my favorite watches from their collections, so a huge thank you to Daniel Wellington. >_< 

They have a very nice and elegant collection of watches on their site.  You can also buy individual straps, instead of buying a whole new watch.  Love this idea because I love all of the strap designs!  Be sure to check out the watches on their site if you're interested. 
I also have a discount code for those who want to save money.
Use "nkauj15" for 15% off purchase
(valid until October 31st 2014)

Shipping only took 3 days and was shipped by UPS.
Right when I opened it, I was like oh the smell!  Smell of leather and sharpie (for some reason).
It also smelled sooo NEW!  lol.  The box is even high quality.  It really feels like a luxury item.  I adore the packaging because it's so plain & simple, so classy looking.  Great job.

The watch I chose is called Classy Sheffield.  The diameter of the dial is 26mm.  It's the smallest size and cheapest price they have.  It also has cute rhinestones in the placement of the numbers.  It gives off a more feminine feel to it.  I actually had a really hard time picking out which watch I wanted to get because I like all of them!  Okay, time for some unboxing and detailed pictures!  I took a whole bunch of photos!  Over 130 for sure. >.<

Hopefully these pictures are detailed enough for you to see.  On the back of the dial and band  has their logo sign engraved.  Also the show that it's made of genuine leather.

**lol.  Sorry if the dictionary bothers you! >_<  I couldn't find a chapter book. Haha.  Does it look like i'm advertising the dictionary instead? lol **

Look at those rhinestones sparkle*!  So pretty and feminine.  

Under the pillow of the watch, you can find a manual and a tool to change straps.  Which I think is so cool!  Instead of buying a whole new watch you can simply change the straps.

It was a bit hard to shape the straps into a circle shape, because it is made out of genuine leather.  It's also hard to put on, especially if you're putting it on yourself. lol.

On the back of the tag on the watch it reads; movements:Japan, Strap: China, and Strap material: Italian calfskin.  Just thought some people might want to know those things. :/

Rating:  5/5

I absolutely love this watch!  (.◜ω◝.)  I love the classiness, clean & simple and rhinestones.  The only down side for me personally is that I prefer a bigger dial, but then again, for this design I believe a smaller dial fits the look better.  Again, I love it because of it's minimal design. You can basically wear this watch to any occasion and with any outfit.  I also think getting a watch from Daniel Wellington will be great gift to give someone because the watches are unisex and simple enough to fit everyone's taste in style and fashion.  Shipping is also fast which makes it even better.

Thank you so much for reading through this whole review. :)  
I have no idea what is going to be my next review since they're all drafts right now. Haha.  I also have my memebox nakedbox #24 coming in too... so yup.  This month is sort of like my early birthday gifts (December 22, I'm a big online shopper)  Cry.  Everyone always forgets my birthday since it's so close to Christmas.  Please help share, reblog and like my photo on tumblr and feel free to leave any comments down below.  Anyways, see you guys in my next review. ^__^

**lol, if you look at the minute hand you can see how long I spent taking pictures of this watch.  Too funny.**