Friday, December 11, 2015

Memebox I'm Lure Red Edition Review & Swatches

Hello there! :)  I recently received an early Christmas/birthday (it's on Dec.22! >_<) present earlier this month from Memebox. ( > o < ) /  I'm super excited to share their Holiday set I'm Lure Red Edition with you guys!  This set was released earlier today on the Memebox website!  It has a $56 value but will be on sale for $33.  If it's already sold out, don't worry because they'll be restocking more on Tuesday the 15th at noon!  So keep your eyes out for it! :)

I knew I had to get this set when I saw Memebox Korea upload a collab video with one of my favorite Korean beauty bloggers, Lee Su.  She created a simple yet elegant makeup look with the items, watch here!

Alright, let's get into this unboxing/review!  Swatches will be near the end. :)

It comes in a quality dark chocolate colored box (although it looks black in the photos above).  On the front of the box, Memebox's logo is printed in gold metallic.  On the back, they list all of the products.  I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Memebox's packaging.

Look at this!  So pretty!  Love the red color!  

When I first opened the box the eyeliner was missing!  Just kidding, it wasn't-ish.  A few seconds later, I found it under the red hard cover.  I was seriously in a panic when I thought it was missing.  Haha.  So don't worry if you don't see the eyeliner!  Just lift the red cover.  :)

In this set, there is an eyeshadow palette in Lure Encanto Brown, a mini eyeliner in Lure Tail, one I'm Lipstick in Lure Red, and three I'm Nail Polishes in Lure Black, Lure Burgundy, and Lure Champagne.

Also when I first opened the box, there was a lot of white "dust" like particles all over inside.  It's not a big deal since you could just wipe if off, but I just wanted you let you guys know very detail. 

 Let's start off with the largest item, the eye shadow palette.  It's the exact packaging as Pony's Season 3 Shine Easy Glam Eyeshadow Quads but only one difference in which I will get into later.  It looks chic and elegant with black all over and font printed in gold metallic.  It looks expensive but feels a bit second-rate.  I don't know how much this palette retails separately but knowing Memebox, I'm sure it's not that expensive so I shouldn't be disappointed in the packaging.  The palette also collects a lot of finger prints but I do like the magnetic closure it has. :)

At first, I thought the mirror was foggy but turns out it's just the protective film.  When I first got it, I tried peeling it for 10 minutes to see if there was a protective film.  Thank goodness Memebox told me that there is a screen on the mirror and it could be removed with the tip of your nail.  I don't know why I couldn't remove it earlier.  Well, that was embarrassing.  >__<

Just look at how GORGEOUS the eyeshadow colors are!  From top left to bottom left: Lure Toasted (matte nude peach), Lure Amber (luster gold), Lure Lux (glitter rose gold), and Lure Wood (shimmery purple-brown).  The colors are super perfect for the holidays!  I feel like you can create both a smokey eye and a soft natural eye look with this palette.  I love putting Lure Wood all over my lids and placing Lure Lux on top.  It creates such a beautiful color! :)

The quality of these eyeshadows are amazing and it makes me overlook the packaging feel.  They're highly pigmented, creamy and soft which makes them easy to blend.  I love!  I wish they could sell this palette separately or add them to their I'm Eyeshadow collection. 

Since we're already on the eyes, let's move on to the eyeliner.  This mini eyeliner in Lure Tail is A-mazing!  The color is a chocolate brown with glitters in it.  One of the best things about this eyeliner is that it's crazy pigmented and one swipe was all it took!  Sometimes when you swatch an eyeliner on your hand and it's super pigmented but then use you use it on your lids it doesn't show at all.  Well, this eyeliner doesn't do that!  It's just as pigmented when I swatched it on my arm!  Also, once it sets it's won't budge!  This eyeliner is absolutely long wearing and budge proof. ;)
Lipstick time!  I love love love lip products!  Once again, the packaging is super sleek and professional.  Compared to the other I'm Lipstick packaging, this one has font printed in gold metallic and has a yellow gold a-shell, is that what it's called?  If it was rose gold, oh my gosh....

Oh my, it's been a while since I've done my lip swatches.  Haha.  Anyways, this color is a legit classic red.  I feel like it has a tiny bit of a blue tint in it.  I like wearing this color as gradient lips.  It's day time friendly and not a "in your face" kind of red.  Wearing it all over the lips is also very pretty!  It brightens my skin tone and compliments it well.  I think this color will look absolutely stunning on medium and darker skins tones.

The lipstick does has a slip to it so, you might want to wear a lip liner if you're going to wear it all over the lips.  It's moisturizing and has a glossy finish.  It also does leave a pretty stain after eating or when you wipe it off.  Oh my gosh, when I saw photos of this lipstick online I thought there was glitter in it.  And I'm super glad that it doesn't!  I really do not like glitter in lip products, at all.  Overall, this is a great lipstick.  If you're looking for a classic red, you might want to try this red out.

Last but not least, I'm Nail Polish!  From left to right, Lure Burgundy, Lure Gold, Lure Black.  These polishes are made with lavender oil, meadowfoam seed oil, macadamia seed oil, grape seed oil, and green tea seed oil to strengthen nails.  Sounds pretty cool, who doesn't like strengthening their nails?  I remember when I used to do my nails all the time I would always grab nail strengthening top and base coats.
Even the labels are gold!
I believe their polishes have 10ml in each bottle which is a nice amount of polish. :)

Here, I used Lure Gold on the lower third of all my nails and Lure Burgundy on the rest of the nail.  For my thumb I painted Lure Black instead of the burgundy color.  Lure Burgundy does not have any glitter, it's just the glitter from Lure Gold that got transferred when I painted on the top coat.  I AM ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE with Lure Burgundy!  It totally screams holiday and the color is just simply gorgeous.  Hopefully they release this polish separately because it's a must have.  If you like red nail polish, you need this color in your life!

I know my edges are messy but I haven't painted my nails in over two years so cut me some slack. >_<  Haha.  I used to do my nails all the time back then but I started to get into circle lens and I can't put in lens with long nails so I decided to keep them short.  Haha.  Okay, back to the review of these polishes.  

Here, I painted all my nails expect the ring finger, Lure Black.  It's main color is black and it has tiny gold, green, blue and pink micro glitters in it.  You might think this color is sheer but it is seriously thee total opposite of sheer.  It's crazy opaque.  I only painted one coat, ONE coat on my nails and that was it.  This polish is awesome.  Oh yes, I forgot to mention one thing.  Be careful when you use Lure Black because once you mess up, you mess up.  It'll stain your nails if you don't clean up the mess right away.

On my ring finger is Lure Gold, it's a pretty metallic gold that also screams holiday.  It also has tiny gold micro glitters in it.  I also painted it only using one coat.  Oh, so pretty. 

One thing that caught me eye was that, Memebox formulated these polishes with low viscosity to make them dry two times faster than regular nail polishes.  My reaction was "uh huh, sure".   But they really do dry fast!  I applied one thick coat on all my nails and it dried within a minute.  Not even kidding.  Usually when I use other polishes it will take about 2-3 minutes to dry so, when I did my nails with Memebox's brand polish I was like "What!  It's already dried!"  Haha.  It's amazing.

Something weird happened.  I painted my nails (first nail image) and it lasted for four days without any chipping but on same day, I also painted my little sister's nail with the same design and colors.  The next day she came home from school and said that the nail polish sucks because it started peeling off already.  I think my nails lasted longer without any chipping because I painted on two coats of a gel top coat to lock everything in.  You might want to use a quality top coat with these polishes.  I would rate these polishes 3 out of 5, everything is amazing expect for the wear time.

Here are swatches of I'm Eyeliner in Lure Tail, I'm Eyeshadow palette in Lure Encanto Brown, I'm Lipstick in Lure Red.  Aren't the colors gorgeous!?

Overall, this is a great makeup set for the holidays.  The eyeshadows are great, the lipstick is gorgeous, the eyeliner is amazing, and the nail polish colors are super perfect for the holidays.  This I'm Lure Red Edition retails for $33 + free shipping and remember there are always discounts and points! :)