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[MEMEBOX] Pony Effect Ultimate Prep Primers Review

Yay!  Another Pony Effect review! ^o^  I've been loving all of her face products and when I found out she was coming out with primers, I died... Primer is an essential for me so I was super excited to finally try these.  Yes, this review is way over due, but I hope you guys are still interested in a review on these amazing primers!  Without further ado let's get into the review. :)

 There are three different primers, Original, Moisture & Sebum Control, Hydrate.

 On the side of the box it shows what primer is recommend for your skin type. :)

Here is Mr. Bunny letting us know that Pony Effect doesn't not test on innocent animals. (>o<)/

Like most primers, it comes in a tube packaging and unlike most primers it is a HUGE tube of product!  Can't believe you get over an ounce (1.23oz/35g) for $25!

The packaging of these primers are sooo gorgeous!  I'm seriously love the repeated use of the rose gold foiling and navy blue font.

Product description:
Korea's favorite makeup artist Pony says she spends the most effort on facial makeup because beautiful skin makes all the difference. Suffering from dry skin? oily skin? large pores? Pony created three different types of primer so there's something for everyone. Enjoy flawless canvas every time you do makeup. Or better yet, flaunt seamless skin on your "no makeup" days!

Swatches of the primers.  They all have color to them but once it blends into the skin it'll fade away.  They also have different textures for each skin type they serve.

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"This hydrating base applies like lightweight lotion on the skin and calms dry or troubled areas while evening out the texture. Ideal for dry skin."

I love the light-weight water like gel texture it has.  It moisturizes my combination/oily skin well and adsorbs quickly into the skin.  I also noticed that it gives a healthy dewy glow to the skin.  Will definitely be using this a lot during the colder months.  Highly recommend this version, it's like a 2-in-1 product, a moisturizer and a pore filling primer.! :)

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"This silky balm-type primer fills in large pores to achieve a flawless, silky smooth base for face makeup. Ideal for oily skin, especially those with large pores or uneven skin."

My favorite out of the bunch! ^o^  Large pores is one of my skin issues that I deal with. Haha.  I'm always using a pore filling primer to fill in those pores and this one does it amazingly!  It evens out the skin surface and once I applied applied my foundation my skin looked soooo smooth! Love it.  Love it.  I have the Benefit Porefessional Primer ($31) and this (Pony's original primer) formula is pretty much a dupe.  I would recommend getting the Pony Effect since it's cheaper and has more product.  If Pony Effect is also too expensive, there are lots of Korean dupes such as Innifree's No Sebum Blur Primer, Missha's Layer Blurring (Pore Cover) Primer and CLIO Kill Cover Egg Pore Primer.

Moisture & Sebum Control:
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"This moisturizing base evens out the skin and tames excess oil without drying out the skin - in fact, it provides moisture. Ideal for oily or oily combination skin."

I have to admit, it took me three tries to like this primer.  For some reason every time I used it, my nose would become patchy a few minutes after application.  But until a few days ago; I exfoliated my face and decided to give it another shot and it made my skin look hella good!  Haha.  It has a thick lotion texture and has a tacky feeling but soon disappears once it sets into your skin.  On the skin it's not too drying and it gives my face a semi-matte finish.  I don't think it does anything for controlling my oils because after six hours, my foundation started rubbing off my nose and overall complexion started looking oily.

"Does it really work? Or is she being Pony bias???"

Haha.  It really does work.  In the photos above I used the Original formula with Etude House's Real Cushion Powder (review) which really emphasizes pores and fine lines.  The left is the cushion applied by itself and you can totally see my pores.  On the right the primer fills in the large pores on my nose and cheek area.  It also creates a smooth canvas for foundation.  I did not exfoliate in my skin in the photos above but when I do exfoliate my face looks super smooth and soft.  I am seriously primer set for life!  These tubes can last me a whole life time.

Overall thoughts:
Defintely not a disappointment.  I like that the textures and purposes are different so you can apply more than one primer.  For example, if I'm feeling a bit fancy (haha) I'll apply the hydrate primer on my the perimeter of my face and the moisture and sebum control or original primer on my t-zone area.  So far every face product I've tried by Pony Effect is a must have!  (Her blur powders is at the top of the list!)  If you don't believe me, check out the insta post I posted on the Contouring Master Palette.  These primers retails for $25.50 which is not a bad price considering Pony Effect is a high end brand.  The price is a bit up there, but Memebox always has coupons and points that you can use!  The primers do a great job at what they claim to do and highly recommend you check them out if you're interested.

I hope this review was helpful!  If you've tried any Pony Effect products how do you like them and what are your favorites?  Tell me in the comments below!  Don't be a stranger! :)

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