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MEMEBOX I'm Lip Stick New & Improved Formula Review & Detailed Swatches

Hello! Sorry for not posting anything for almost a whole month.  I was going to blog about my recent makeup buys but then I figured I will just make a favorites post later this month.  Anyways, a few days ago when I was bored and had nothing to do I checked the mail and saw a brown box stuffed inside the mail box.  I was like *gasp* overfilled with joy.  (*^ワ^*)

Inside the box was Memebox's new and Improved I'm Lipstick that I was waiting so long for to be launched on the global site!  Yay!  I was about to purchase a few but then they still have soooo many items that are not released on the USA site yet.  I was going to wait a bit... but then once again Memebox surprised me with nine lipsticks. ( >_< )  I <3 Memebox Team.

I'm Lip Stick Description:
"Experience a full blast of color with the new I’m Lipstick series by Memebox. Upgraded with better formulation and a much advanced color technology, I’m Lipstick delivers full color payoff in just one swipe. It possesses a lip-hugging property which allows the color to fully adhere onto the lips for a long-lasting wear. 
  • "Phase Inversion Emollient" delivers the most vivid color payoff
  • Crease-free, lip-hugging formula with Argan Oil, Rosehip Oil, and Manuka Honey extract"

Fresh out of the box!  Haha.   ( >_< )  So pretty.

There are 30 shades available in this lipstick series, out of the 30 shades I was gifted nine lipsticks that gave me a chance to try out a wide variety of color ranges within the series. 

Just like the Lip Liquids, the packaging is nice, sleek, and black.  

Ah, let's take a moment and stare at this lovely packaging.  I absolutely love the sleek-ness!  Haha.  The only thing I don't like is that it once you touch it there is always going to be finger marks but then again makeup always get dirty. :P  No matter how much you clean them. (-_-)

For the first time I can actually read the names on bottom!  Hooray!  

Love the engraving of the logo on the lipstick.  It makes it look soooo luxurious. 

Swatches!  This time I made them even!  Haha.

MT001 RED HIGH HEELS - Out of the three red shades I received, Red High Heels is the darkest (although it doesn't look like it is).   It's a dark red with warm undertones.  I will definitely be using this color a lot for creating gradient lips with other colors.

BC001 BLISS RED - I LOVE this color!  Bliss Red is a bright rosy pink with cool undertones, very similar to Memebox's I'm Lip Liquid in PK600 Tiana.  

BC002 ULTRA VOILET - YASSS!  (●´∀`●)   I was super excited to see this color because I was going to purchase this color myself!  If you read my other posts, you'd know that I love purple lip colors.  Ultra Voilet is what the color is, it's a straight up bright purple.  It's not very wearable for everyday wear but it does become everyday wear for me in fall!

 GL003 SHINY PINK - Shiny Pink is a cool tone pink perfect for those who have cool undertones.  This color isn't the most flattering on me.  It's a bit too cool for my skin and makes me look ashy when I apply it all over my lips.  I much prefer wearing this color as a gradient.

GL005 COCONUT PEACH - Coconut Peach is a pink-peach with maybe neutral undertones???  It's a pretty pink-peach shade to wear throughout all seasons.  Me like this color.

BC010 CHARLOTTE - Charlotte is a reddish peach blush color perfect for everyday wear.  This color brightens my skin and also complements it well.  I believe this color will look great on all skin tones.  Charlotte has become one of my favorite lip sticks.

BC012 NOTTING HILL -  In the photos above, the color appears to be a bit more brown than it really is.  Notting Hill is a cute peachy nude pink great for everyday wear.  I absolutely love this color!  I think this color will suit all skin tones.  Notting Hill is also featured in Memebox's newest box, K-drama Makeup Box that retails for $35 and is defiantly worth the buy.  ( ✿ ◠‿◠ )  It also includes some of Memebox's newest xo products!

BC013 BLOODY MARY - There is not a better name for this lip color expect for Bloody Mary.  The color is definitely a bloody red perfect for the upcoming fall and winter seasons. :)

MT009 JACK ROSE -  You can never go wrong with dark lip colors during the fall and winter.  Jack Rose is a dark yet bright plum color perfect for those seasons.  This color brightens up my complexion and makes my teeth appear whiter.   I believe this color will look flattering on all skin tones especially deeper skin tones. :)  Since, it's plum/purple colored, it's of course going to be one of my favorites.

These lipsticks have a classic creamy finish and glides on the lips smoothly.  They are also super pigmented, you can get away with one swipe on the lips but I like lipstick so I apply it forever.  Haha.  

I was really shocked about the staining power!  When I take my lip swatch photos I apply it as a gradient and then fill in the rest of my lips.  To keep track of which color is which, I go with the way it's official listed on the site.  After wiping off Bliss Red I already noticed a red stain on my lips.  The lipsticks are probably on my lips for about 2-3 minutes when I take photos of them and within those minutes it stains sooooo well!  I was using my usual cleansing water to remove the lipsticks in-between swatches but it wouldn't even budge!  Putting concealer/foundation over my lips made my lips look ugly and so I stopped doing gradient lips half way through.  Haha.  

The longevity is also very amazing for a lipstick.  After taking photos, I left Jack Rose on my lips for the rest of the day.  When I ate, the color was still there! crazy!  I decided to see how long it will last and went to sleep without removing the lipstick.  Haha.  Next morning I woke up and guess what! . . . . . . . . . . . . . it was still there!  Haha.  Well, just barely.  It starts rubbing off from the center to outwards.  I woke up with a purple outline-ish lips.  Haha.

To fully remove the lip color I recommend using a cleansing oil or sherbet.  :)

- A HUGE color range to pick from
- Smooth Application
- Super Pigmented
- Moisturizing 
- Long Lasting
- Leaves a stain (although some might not like this effect)


Final Thoughts:
FIVE STARS ALL THE WAY!  Memebox never fails me when it comes to lip products.  These lipsticks have everything I like; long wearing, staining, and moisturizing!  As some of you might already know, I'm not the type of person to re-touch my makeup throughout the day and so the longevity of this lipstick not lip stain is seriously the best.  

These lipsticks retail for $16 but you know, Memebox is always having sales and almost never makes you buy products at full price.  ノ^o^)ノ 

The price of Memebox's I'm Lipstick is the same as LORAC Alter Ego Lipsticks and MAC Lipsticks.  Although Memebox is not a big name like those prestige cosmetic brands, their products are definitely up there.   I do like these lipsticks A LOT more than the LORAC and MAC lipsticks.  To me, the Lorac lipsticks are just like any other lipstick out there but MAC lipsticks have lots stunning colors.

My favorite colors are BC001, BC002, GL005, BC010, BC012, and MT009.  Let me know in the comment section below what your favorite colors are and if you've tried Memebox's I'm Lipstick, what do you think about them?  

Selca cut!  On my lips I have BC010 Charlotte and MT009 Jack Rose.  Random:  I have a hand problem.  All of my selcas are always blurry!  But I guess that's okay because I look better in low quality anyways. Haha.  Dissing myself all day, everyday.... *sigh*

Until next time! :D

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