Monday, August 24, 2015

MEMEBOX I'm Lip Liquid in 15 Shades Review & Detailed Swatches

Hello!  For the past few days I've been feeling super happy and excited because Memebox recently sent me all 15 of their new I'm Lip Liquid series!  Never in my whole life I thought they'll send me all 15.  I thought they will send the deluxe set of 6 but all 15!?!?  Oh my gosh, you have to be kidding me.  They were sooo pretty that I didn't even touch them.  I sat on my bed staring at them forever.  Haha.  I was feeling so jfkl;ajskfja I thought I could die.

I can't believe it's already been a full year ever since I've been working with Memebox.  /cry.  They're one of the companies that I ALWAYS talk about with friends and family because they are simply awesome.  My sister always says she likes my lip color and I always reply "it's from Memebox." Although their products are priced sort of high, they are always having sales, value sets, and boxes that give amazing deals and steals.  ^o^)/ I'm not saying this just because I'm one of their ambassadors but because I truly do love Memebox.  I visit their website daily to check if there's any updates.  Haha.  Yes, I'm obsessed. :/

Anyways, I've tried lots of products from Memebox's XoMemebox and I'm Meme brand and love all of their lip products so I was pretty excited to try these lip liquids when they arrived.

*this post is photo heavy, click images for HD quality*

The packaging is so sleek, clean and professional as always.  The color on top of course matches the lip color inside.  On the box it says "Find your Color, Love Yourself."

On the top of the cap?  Is that what you call it?  I don't know... but they have their Memebox logo engraved.  I really like this touch.

The names are printed on the bottom but some of them have stamps covering them.  BUT I've been playing with them so much that I don't even need to look at the bottom to know which color it is.  Haha. ( >< )

The applicator is a flat doe foot that starts of wide and gets narrow at the end.  It also has a curve that hugs the curve of my lips pretty well.

Ah.... Aren't they just pretty?

Description of I'm Lip Liquid:
"Glamorously pigmented lips in just one touch - Memebox’s I’m Lip Liquid gives a highly pigmented color payoff which absolutely defines your lips vividly. This has a special formulation which allows the lip liquid to glide smoothly without leaving streaks and dry patches. It has water-wrapping technology which gives the color a beautiful gloss without leaving a sticky feeling. With Argan Oil, Manuka Honey Extract and Rosehip Oil as its key ingredients, this lip liquid keeps the lips soft and moist while also maintaining the lips’ natural, healthy color. Guaranteed to last long, I’m Lip Liquid sure deserves a space in your makeup bag!"

These Lip Liquids are inspired by Korean celebrities and all over the streets of Seoul.  I definitely do see that they were inspired by Korean celebrities.  Some shades are very similar to kpop girl groups' lip colors that they wear in their music videos.  Kpop idols are always wearing bright lip colors now a days.   In general, lip point makeup is very popular in Korea.

These Lip Liquids retail for $16 which is a bit pricey in my opinion.  I mean they're the same price as a MAC lipstick and Anastasia BH lip glosses, but then again Memebox is always having sales and value sets.  Such as having a deluxe set of 6 lip liquids consisting the colors: CR601, PK602, PK603, OR600, RD601, and RD602.  It retails for $35 so each liquid lip will cost $5.83, which is a GREAT deal!

Ew, I know, my swatches are uneven which makes the whole swatch image ugly.  Haha.  Some shades are very similar, but are also very different!  Haha.  As a regular customer, I was only going to get myself CR600 Anastasia, PK603 Belle, and VL601 Pocahontas but I thought I would wait for new sales and sets.  Haha.(^v^)Hopefully after seeing some of these color swatches will help you decide which colors you'd like to try out. ;)

I decided to swatch them based on their color family; red, pinks/corals, and purples.

In order:  RD600, RD601, PK600, PK601, PK603.  Reds and pinks are typical lip colors but there are so many shades of reds and pinks to wear!

RD600 MALEFICENT  A deep red for sophisticated and sexy makeup.  Doesn't this look like the perfect Hyuna red lip color?

RD601 ADRIANA  A bright red for a natural lively pop of color.  Ah, I love this color!  I love the gradient look of Adiana.  Although red might not be seen as an everyday color, I think this is a very wearable everyday shade of red and it's perfect for all seasons.

PK600 TIANA  A rosy pink for a more sweet and charming appeal.  This color is the fall color of Ariel, it's a tab bit darker and is more on the red side.  I would recommend this color if you're looking for a color in between a red and pink.

PK602 ARIEL  A hot coral pink perfect for spring makeup looks.  This hot pink is one of my favorites as it really brightens my skin.  Wearing it both gradient and full lips looks absolutely gorgeous.  I think this color will look great with all skin tones.  This color is also very similar to  kpop girl groups lip colors.

PK603 BELLE  Fresh pop of color to complete your dainty makeup look.  This color is a hot pink with a cool blue undertone.  I surprisingly do not have a color like this.  I've been looking for a color like this for fall.  Belle also really brightens up my complexion.

In order: PK604, CR600, OR600, OR601, CR601.  Ah, finally my favorite section!  I love peachy-corals.  They're my go to colors during the spring and summer.

PK604 RAPUNZEL  A pastel version of rose pink for a simple and innocent makeup.  Rapunzel is also one of my favorites.  It's a bright pink coral that also brightens my skin tone.  I prefer the full lips application for this color and finishing off blending the edges out with a q-tip.  I often like to wear my lips this way. ;)

CR600 ANASTASIA  A perfect shade of nude with a peachy pink undertone for an elegant appeal.  The description says it all.  It's perfect for everyday for anyone of any age.  I believe this color will flatter every skin tone.  Obviously, this one is also a favorite of mine.  My mom also likes this color.  I told her that it makes her look younger.  Haha.  Ever since then she's been asking to keep it.

OR600 MERIDA  A bright pop of orange to complete a fun summer look.  Again, the description says it all.  Merida is a legit orange.  It's actually pretty hard to find a legit orange that actually look nice on skin tones.  This color doesn't look too bad on my skin tone.  I did a bad job on the gradient lips on this one.  Haha. (>_<)  I can't imagine wearing this color in any other season than summer.

OR601 DRIZELLA  The bloody orange shade for a sassy makeup look.  Another orange color but A LOT more wearable.  Drizella reminds me of tomatoes.  Doesn't it?  It's the perfect tomato color.  I actually like this color a lot.  I would wear this in the warmer seasons and maybe even in winter.  I would recommend Drizella if you're looking for an orange-red lip to try!

CR601 ANNA  A light, peachy nude shade to give your simple makeup a posh lift.  This color reminds of me of Soyoung's Lip & Cheek in Lovely Peach.  I personally think it's a bit too light for my skin tone and is at the edge of washing me out.  I would only wear this with gradient lips.

In order: PK605, PK606, VL600, VL601, VL603.  Purples and plumes!  My go to colors for fall! :D

PK605 AURORA  An exquisite version shade of an old rose for a classy dinner date.  Aurora is a soft pink with cool undertones.  I actually REALLY like this color.  I would wear it with gradient lips almost everyday when I'm feeling a cool tone pink.  This will look wonderful on neutral and cool skin tones.  

PK606 JASMINE  A bright pop of bubblegum pink for a funky party makeup look.  This color is really popular among kpop girl groups.  Tiffany and Sunny from Girls Generation is wearing a very similar lip color in their new music video.  Oh my gosh, Tiffany is sooo pretty.  Jasmine also looks like a color my queen Hyorin would wear.  

VL600 MULAN  An eye catching shade of bright lilac for the unique and adventurous you!  I'm not going to lie, I've always liked purple lip colors.  I have about 5 purple lip products.  I mean it's not a color you'd wear everyday but I love wearing them during fall.  One of my favorite colors!  This is such a fun color to wear!  Ah, I'm in love.  

VL601 POCAHONTAS  A vampy shade of berry to complete a night makeup look.  I love berry colors! VL601 a berry side that is more on the red/pinker and vibrant side than most of the berry colors I own.  I absolutely love wearing this color with gradient lips.

RD602 URSULA  A fabulous mauve shade to give your everyday makeup a twist.  This color will most likely be the first one to be sold out.  This dark mauve shade is also perfect the upcoming fall season.  I love the gradient lip with this color.  It reminds of me Etude House's Dear Darling tint in no.4.

It took me a few tries to apply the product on my lips without making a huge mess.

The color is highly pigmented. With just one coat on my lips the color was already very opaque.   It does glide smoothly on the lips as it says.  It has a gloss finish and it definitely does not leave a sticky feeling which is awesome!  The Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks has a sticky feeling that I don't like but they have such prettyful colors!  There is absolutely no stickiness to these lip liquids but there is transferring when it's just been applied.  So, here are some tips I found out while experimenting with these lip liquids. ^__^
  • Blot your first layer and apply another layer
  • Apply one layer on the bottom, press your lips together to fill the top lips and fill in the cupids bow with the applicator *highly recommend this method!*
  • Wear a similar lip tint underneath.  I found out that the lip liquid sticks onto the lip tint making it last longer 
The formula takes a while to dry/set so do not touch your lips, eat, drink, or anything that will mess up your lips.  To make the waiting time shorter try doing my 2nd tip for faster drying.  :)  It lasts about 8-9 hours without doing anything mention above.  After eating or drinking the gloss disappears but it leaves a vivid tint of their original color.  I think I was wearing PK602 Ariel to sleep without removing it at night and woke up seeing a bright neon pink tint left on my lips.  The tint lasts pretty long, surprisingly.


- A huge fun color range!
- Moisturizing
- Non-sticky 
- Long lasting
- Leaves a stain/tint (Me like stain!)
- Blends easily for easy gradient
- Can be used as blush!  Yes it can! :)


- Setting time is a long, transfers a lot before setting when applied all over the lips

Final thoughts:
Other than the little transferring in the beginning everything else pleases me.  The super fun and bright color range is awesome, the formula is not runny nor sticky, it moisturizes my lips very well, and the packaging is professional.  I would give these liquid lips a 4 out of 5.

Have you tried these new Lip Liquids already!?  What do you think about them?  Tell me what are my favorite colors!  Mine are RD601, PK602, PK604, CR600, OR601, and VL600.

Selca!  I'm wearing CR600 ANASTASIA at the center and CR602 ANNA around the edges on my lips.  I like this gradient look. ( >o< )  I am also wearing a tint of CR600 on my cheeks.  Just dab a little dot and blend. ;)