Friday, May 27, 2016

[MEMEBOX] PONY EFFECT Conceptual Eyes Quads & Profection Brush Liner Review & Swatches Plus Mini Tutorials!

Hi! ^o^  I'm back today with a pretty long post on the new and seriously maybe thee best Korean brand eyeshadows ever!  It's Pony Effect Conceptual Eyes Quads!  Yay! >o<  There are a total of six eye quads and I received three of them to review for you guys!  I also received a few more products to share with you guys in which will be posted shortly after. :)

A while back Memebox had a bogo free event for these eye quads and I totally regret not getting them on they were on sale!  Let's be real, I honestly wasn't expecting them to be this good.  Haha.

Without further ado, let's get into the review. :)

As usual, the packaging is stunning!  On the back is of course Pony's tip.  Here is a mini translation taken from the Memebox website:  "Finish off your look with some shimmer and or glitter on the center of your lids to add more dimension."

On the side of the box is gives a bit of into on the product.  And yes the shadows are highly pigmented and are very soft and silky.

The three quad palettes I got are Lively, So Gorgeous and Be Romantic.

Once you open the box you'll spot a cute little bunny.  So cuwwwwte.

 Oh my gahhh.... I'm dying.... it's sooooo pretty!  Aigoo.
 It has a lighting bolt on the side that you open.  It also has a nice magnetic closure.

There is a total of 6g in the palette and four colors so it means that each shade is 1.5 grams which is a nice amount of product. 

There is a plastic film to protect the mirror.  All you need to do is peel it off at from the edge of the pentagon and you have a nice clean mirror ready to use. :)

 A huge plus for me is that the palette opens 180 degrees.

Inside the palette has the Pony Effect name/logo engraved at the bottom which is super cute.

Ahhh!!! SOOOO Gorgeous! *o*  Haha.  Funny how that's one of the names of the quads. >_<

I guess we can start off with the prettiest quad. >o<  
Be Romantic features warm rosey shades for a glamorous romantic looks.

photo taken with flash and eye shadows are swatched without primer.
Love Me - A shimmery pink champagne.
Moment - A shimmery bronze.
Roses - A matte soft peach pink.
Doom - A matte rose burgundy.

I absolutely love love love the colors in this palette.  It's so romantic.  Haha, yes it's the only way I can describe it.  Excellent name choice!  The texture is seriously super soft and silky.  Love Me is decently pigmented and is easy to build.  I like to use this color for an all over the lid color and brow highlight.  I was hoping to use this in the inner corners but it's not enough "bam" for me.  Moment, now this color is INSANELY pigmented.  In the photo above it's only one layer.  I know, it's crazy.  Roses is such a pretty color!  I need a lip color like this.  Haha.  Roses and Doom are not as pigmented as the other matte shades in the other quads but their build-able.  In the photo above I layered Roses and Doom about 3 times to get it's full color.  Doom is the only matte shade that has quite a few fall outs and is a bit on the chalky side.  You might want to tap the brush to take off the excess powder when using Doom.

I also created little mini tutorials on how I used all the shadows in each quad.  I hope you enjoy them.:)

I feel like Lively is a bit kpop inspired.
Lively features warm orange shades that definitely brights your day. :)

photo taken with flash and eye shadows are swatched without primer.
Jolly - A shimmery champagne.
Passion - A Satin coral orange.
Better - A shimmery gold bronze with gold glitter.
Cheerful - A Matte red-orange brown.

When I look at this palette I think of kpop.  It's very kpop.  Same with Love Me, I like to use Jolly on the lids and brow bone.  It's also not enough bam to use as an inner corner highlight but it works great as a face highlight. :)  Passion is a really nice warm coral color to pop in the crease as a transition color or to simply warm up the overall eye look.  I'm really like this shade.  Better is a beautiful shadow.  I love to use this color on the lids.  It really adds dimension to the eye look.  Cheerful is a to die for color!  I love it in the crease, all over the lids, or as a liner.  It's perfect for everything.  Unlike Doom, Cheerful doesn't have many fall outs and is a lot more pigmented.

Hope you enjoy this ulzzang inspired makeup look! :)  In case you're wondering, my lens are GEOLICA Euro Celine Brown.  Ah, they're so pretty.  They're my favorite lens series!

Perfect for a night out!
So Gorgeous features neutral gold tones and dark browns.

photo taken with flash and eye shadows are swatched without primer.
She - A satin yellow with a slight green undertone.
Good Looking - A shimmery yellow gold with gold glitter.
Imposing - A satin dark brown
Opulent - A matte black brown.

I thought this palette would be my least favorite but it's actually my favorite out of the three!  To my surprise there is very little to none fall out using Imposing and Opulent!  The colors are super pigmented and are easy to build.  All shades in this palette are seriously amazing.  Not one flaw!  I lied... What I usually look for in a quad is that there is a highlight, lid, crease, and liner shade.  There's isn't a highlighting shade in this palette but it's okay because I only use two different shades for my brow highlight anyways.  Haha.  Nonetheless it's an amazing palette.

Hope you enjoy this not so dramatic but dramatic night out makeup look. :)  Plus this look works great with mono lids! ^__^

Overall these quads are amazing!  The texture is soft and buttery, expect for Good Looking in the So Gorgeous palette.  It has a grainy-ish texture because of the large glitter particles.  The shadows are not powdery at all and do not crease.  The longevity of the shadows last me about a good 7 hours before it starts to fade.  The pigmentation of these eyeshadows seriously wowed me.  Probably the best Korean brand eyeshadows I've tried.  But these quads still don't beat my all time favorite Memebox palette Pony x Memebox Shine Easy Glam Palette 1(my holy grail)!  The formula is definitely on par with American prestige makeup brands and definitely worth your money.  I seriously didn't think I'll like them as much as I do!  I really want to get the other three now!  Especially Eternal Seduction!


Profection Brush Liner in Carbon Black
As usual, on the side of the box is a little description of the product and what it is.

This liner comes in three different shades; Carbon Black (super deep jet black), Deep Brown (black brown) and Natural Brown (light brown).

The tip of this brush makes it super easy to draw any shape liner and is very fine to help create the perfect wing.  The formula isn't too dry nor too wet and doesn't take long to dry.  It lasts me all day without smudging and it comes off easily with makeup remover.  I'm in love with the brush and formula.  Carbon Black is a super pitch black color and I love using it to go over the false lashes band to blend it into the liner.  Overall this is a great liner and highly recommend it if you have trouble drawing your eyeliner. ;)

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you found this post helpful!  If you've purchased any Pony Effect Products how do you like them and what are your favorite products?  Oh, don't forget to check your Memebox account if you have one!  There should be an extra 50 ($5) points to spend this weekend!  There are lots of discounts this week!  Tell me what items you're planning to get! ^o^

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