Saturday, October 11, 2014

Find out where to get THEE BEST FLOWER CROWNS ever!!!

Where to get the best flower crowns?  Look no further, because I'm going to tell you where you can find thee MOST beautiful, cutest, and prettiest flower crowns ever made!

I have a friend named Karen.  She's an awesome person and she literally makes the best flower crowns ever!  No joke, I'm not saying this because we're friends, but because I've never seen such lovely flower crowns anywhere!

Every flower crown she makes is a one of a kind, so no one will ever have the same one as you. (✿◠‿◠)  Not only does Karen make flower crowns, but also bun crowns!  :)  I think the idea of bun crowns is super original!  It really makes your chic topknot into a super cute hairstyle!  Like my hairstyle above!  Her crowns have a ribbon that you can tie, so it can fit any head size.  Even one as big as mine (I have a really big head.)

Here is a screenie of Karen's shop.

After my long day at school, I came home and opened the mailbox to see a very cute pink envelope.  I was not expecting a package that day, and when I saw dolldear as the sender, I quickly ran to my room and opened it. *screams*  Karen has such cute and simple packaging. (>o<)/

Here's a close up of my precious lovely bun crown made by Karen. (´;ω;`)
It's already so cute just looking at it!  Ah... but it looks even better in my hair! >.<  When I placed it around my bun and tied the ribbon I was in *gahh* (●´∀`●)  I don't really wear much hair accessories, but I can guarantee that I will be wearing this a lot because it's simply too cute to resist!

Here's another photo of me and my prettyful bun crown. ;)
Sorry, I was wearing circle lens, and didn't like the color of it. -_-  So I closed my eyes.  Haha.
I attempted to braid my fringe but failed big time.  I can't do hair...

This post has now come to an end.  :(  If you like Karen's lovely flower crowns, please check out her store!  I seriously wish I could own all of her crowns!
Thanks again for reading. :)

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