Monday, October 13, 2014

Memebox K-style 2 Unbox & GIVEAWAY + Discounts!

 Hello you guys, first, I'm sorry for always posting things about Memebox. >.<  Today will be a fairly quick review and unboxing of memebox special k-style 2.  Funny-ish story:  So I came home from a long day of school and found a memebox on my bed.  I was like... uhh, my tracking number for my lipstick box is still at origin so what box is this!???  It is fairly light so I really thought it was my lipstick box, but it turned out to be another box that memebox sent me! >o<)/  gahhh.
When they restocked this box I was debating whether I should get it or not.  I again, passed it and decided to save my points.  I mainly wanted this box for the lashes and the eglips lacquer.  I'm so happy that they sent me this box!  It's like memebox knows what I want!  Haha.

Stay tuned at the end for news & discounts and giveaway! ( ^o^ )/

As always, it comes in the same hot pink box, but a smaller version.

(Sorry for the bad photo, the days are getting shorter, so my lighting is getting bad.)
Anyways, here's the info menu.

1.  Secret-Stargirl S-Style 2 set ($7)
I love this line of lashes.  I was hoping for the cat style, but I got no.14 delicate eyes.  Why do I always end up getting the same style of lashes from this line?  Seriously... aigoo.

2.  Royal Nature Pantone Shadeliner 0.8g ($12)
This is simply an eyeliner and it comes in four other colors.  I'm happy with this green color.  I don't feel like it's "easily-gliding like a gel liner" like how it says on card when I swatched it on my hand.  It feels dry in fact.  But this is only from a swatch so... Oh, it comes with a sharpener at the end of the pencil!  Coolest part ever!  I hate dull pencils so this is awesome.  I notice that a lot of Korean eye pencils have a sharpener at the ends.

3.  Eglips Real Color Lip Lacquer 6g  ($14)
I always wanted to try this brand.  It's affordable too,  I wished I got a different color.  I wanted the nude color I saw in someone's review.  This color is a tomato-ish color with a tint of pink.  It's a very retro looking color. ;).  I really LOVE this lacquer!  I layered it with a fuchsia lip crayon and it still does not swear or transfer when it dries!  I seriously love this lip lacquer.  It's a gloss, tint, and lip stick in one.  I plan to buy more of these lacquers on beautynerkorea.

4.  RiRe Luse Mirror Eyeliner Black ($14)
This brand was also featured in the first k-style box.  I haven't seen a black eyeliner in soo long!  I haven't been wearing black eyeliner in forever.  I do like this eyeliner.  The brush is a bit thick, but I like it.  It's also good if you're going for a cat liner.

5.  Shara Shara Color Eye Stick Shadow 1.4g ($7)
I have this in the color GL01 Caramel Gold.  It's on the shear side but it's build-able, just like any other shadow stick.  It's a very nice natural shade to add a little glitter on the lids.

6.  Original Raw 10 Cushion Foundation 13g ($32)
This cushion foundation is a bb cream, sunscreen, and foundation.  Kind of like Tonymoly's bb foundation.  It's also very liquidity and has a pink-ish undertone.

Here are swatches with flash.

Discount Codes for month of October:

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MEMEBUNDLE4 - Enter for $8 off 4 or more boxes
5 off orders over $100 (automatic if you click through my links)
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In this selca, I'm wearing the cushion foundation, black eyeliner, shadow stick, and lip lacquer layered on with a lip crayon.  I did put a little bit of that green liner on my bottom inner corners, but you can't really see it. -_-
I'm wearing blue contact lens, G&G Natural Blue from Pinkyparadise.  It's a very nice deep blue color.  I have to say this is one of my favorite blue contacts lens I've ever gotten.  It's very similar to the lens that Bora wearied in sister's Touch My Body music video, and this make up look was inspired by Bora. :)

Okay.  As I said many times before, I will be collaborating with Memebox to bring you this giveaway!  There will be 1 lucky winner who wins 30 points and 2 runner ups for 7 points.  I will answer all questions and give more details HERE, SO PLEASE READ THIS.  


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