Monday, November 3, 2014

Memebox Scentbox #4 Floral Unobxing & Review

 Hello there beauty!  I recently got memebox's scentbox #4 floral.  I saw the rose scent box and the content inside was soo perfect!  The packaging of Rosemine looks soo cute so I was hoping for a product from that brand, but.... there's none. ;(  Anyways, let's to to the items in this box! :)


Read til the end for discounts and promos :)

They've always include a booklet-ish poster about Sally's box items as such their many type of masks. 

Sally's box Friendly Cherry Blossom Hand Mask 6g - $2

These are easy-to-wear gloves that are enriched with cherry blossom extracts and shea butter.  This will give your hands intense hydration and nutrition to dry hands.  This is perfect for winter!  Nice timing memebox! :)

Secret Key Perfume Hand Cream 30g - $10

This hand cream has a strong scent, but it really moisturizes my hands and last a pretty long time.  I think it's a good item, I mean it does what it says it does. :)  I like secret key products.

ESTHE Shower Clogne 100ml - $26
I don't know why this call it shower cologne when it's a perfume.  Isn't cologne the word for a guy's fragrance?  But I still call guy's cologne perfume.  Haha.  Anyways, these come in three popular floral fragrances, I got floral dream.  The scent smells nice.  I like it, it lasts pretty long, for about 5-6 hours.  I have a whole bunch of Victoria Secret body sprays and this one smells pretty close to one that I've finished, but better.

L'OCEAN Feromonika Perfume 10ml - $12

Oh my gosh, this is my favorite item in this whole box!  I got the scent in 04 Delos Coral and it smells soo good!  It's a bit fruity, but with tint mature-ness.  Is that even a word?  Haha.  Forget, come through the screen and smell it!  I've been using this pretty much everyday.  10ml is too little.  I want a better size!!!
Okay, so this perfume series is also known as "pocket perfume" because of it's petite packaging.  This brand took popular high end brand fragrances and infused them into their trendy series.  I don't care about brand names as much as long as it smell nice or works good.

Overall thoughts:  It's not a bad box, $15 + $6.99 shipping for four full size items is pretty good.  Umm... I just realized I use everything in this box!  Haha.  I know that some people didn't like this box as much as I do, but I actually like this box.  Maybe because I'm not that picky with floral scents.

Alright, thank you so much for reading, if you haven't seen or read my unboxing of memebox lipstick edition you should!  I love lip products, and the products inside are AMAZING!  Memebox also came out with new KICK ASS THEMES!  Such as Black Out!, Make up edition 3, Hair Salon, Cleopatra, and F/W Natural Makeup.  Also still in stock is their 3rd collaboration from the month of October is Samantha Schueman x MEMEBOX.  There's NINE FULL SIZED items in this box.  I also bought their first collab of October with Vagabond Youth, so look forward to an unboxing and review plus a make up look from this box by the end of this week. :)  So sad that I missed out on their Innisfree box!  It sold out so fast!  ;u; /cry.

Oh my gosh yes!  Today memebox released Pony's palette on the global site!  I've been waiting for it since it was released on the Korean site.  I also talked about it in my girls night out box review. >.<  Already bought the palette!  Hopefully it'll arrive soon since it ships from their US warehouse. 

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