Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Pony x MEMEBOX Shine Easy Glam Eyeshadow Palette and Meme Brush Review

Watz up!?  I know, I lied... I said I'll post Pony's palette on Saturday and it's already Wednesday. :(  Sorry.  Well, it's up now so let's all be happy! (^o^)/

On November 3rd memebox released Pony's palette with international and USA shipping.  They also released the palette with their own brush set for $36.  I wanted free shipping so I bought the value set.

This was my first time purchasing from their USA Memeshop.  It shipped from their USA warehouse so it came in 2 days!  I bought it right when I got home.  I was super scared that it was going to be sold out. >.<

Memebox recently came out with another collaboration with Chosungah, Get! Peachy Glow Pact.  And then just yesterday, Meme came out with their own facial hydrating mask with a whole bunch of value sets!

Stay tune for discounts and promos

Alright, let's get on to the palette! :D

First off, the packaging is awesome!  It's thin, has a nice simple design, and best of all, it has a full size mirror!

Isn't it pretty? *o*)/
If you don't already know Pony, she's a talented make up artist in South Korea.  You can watch her youtube videos on Pony's Beauty Diary.

This palette is separated into two sides.  One side matte and shimmer.  I am seriously in love with the color Shine Rosegold.  It's a very unique eye shadow!  It's a pretty shear light pink with gold sparkles.  I don't know I suck at describing.  You can see in the swatches below. :)

On the left side of the palette are cool toned matte colors.  These are my everyday shadow colors.

From left to right:  Easy base, Easy Shadow, Easy Brown, Easy Charcoal, Shine Rosegold, Shine Gold, Glam Espresso, Glam Coco

Overall, the pigmentation of all the colors are good and the texture is soft.  They're also easy to blend.  It's not the best palette but I'm very happy with it!  Maybe because I love Pony and the make up looks that she did with this palette were just sooo lovely and beautiful! >o<

I do recommend this palette, especially if you're a Pony fan!

Okay!  Time to talk about the brushes! :)

It comes with a mini menu card explaining the six types of brushes (blush, power, eyeshadows, concealer, and lip) that it comes with.

The brushes are small, kind of like travel size brushes.  With a full price of $36, I feel like you should only get them when they're on sale.  But then again, they are SUPER SOFT!  I do recommend them for traveling.

Last of all, here's a close up of the brushes.  The lip/eyeshadow duo brush is awesome!  You twist for the lip brush and take off a cap for the shadow side.  I think it's a pretty nice duo brush, but it maybe easy to break.

I bought this set for $31 and think this was a great steal!  But this set is even BETTER.  I wished I waited longer... haha.  Memebox haven't released any new boxes maybe due to working on the Chinese site, but as a thank you they released a few awesome priced value sets with FREE SHIPPING. Let's hope they give us something awesome for black Friday and Christmas too. :)

Thank you again for always reading my reviews.  If you haven't already read my review on the lipstick edition box go read it!  It's posted on my tumblr since I didn't want to flood this blog with memebox unboxing/reviews. >.<  I will be posting up a circle lens & wig review from one of my favorite sites, Uniqso.  And Memebox Korea's Most Wanted #2.  It's filled with 6 great full sized items in which you'll see sometime this week. ;)  Feel free to leave any comments! Until next time lovelys! ^__^

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