Sunday, November 30, 2014

[Pinkicon] PlaySexy No.2 Circle Lens Review

Yo!  Like my Stylenanada inspired look above?  Haven't done that look in forever. >.<  Today is a circle lens review kindly sponsored by Pinkicon.  Although this review is sponsored, everything is of course my honest opinion.  Pinkicon is pronounced as pink-icon.  Pinkicon has the hottest fashion & beauty trend in Korea and Japan.  Pinkicon also has over 500 circle lens and popular cosmetics such as; 3 Concept Eyes, Etude House, Laneige and much much more posted on their site.  100% authentic and offer FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE!  Who doesn't like free shipping?  I know I LOVE sites that offer free shipping. >o<

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I guess no one opened the door for the mailman so I had to go pick this package up at the post office. When I opened the package I've never seen such a nice and clean simple lens packaging!  I like it!  It also came with a brochure of the lens in the series and a lens case.  

The lens that Pinkicon sent me are called Play Sexy No.2, which is a brown colored lens that give a natural dolly effect to the eyes.  These lens' duration is a month after opening.  The base curve is 8.6mm and D.I.A. is 14.2mm.

Here's a photo of the lens on without flash in natural light

Here's a photo of the lens on with flash in natural light

Color and Design:  3/5
I like the dark brown color it has, it's almost the color of my natural eye color.  The yellow or light brown in the center of the lens gives a bit more color to the eye, but I feel like it doesn't give a sparkling effect to my eyes. :(  I also don't like the little hint of the dolly effect it has.

Enlargement:  5/5
My eyes are very little and so I don't usually go for lens over 15mm.  So to me this is the perfect enlargement.

Comfort:  4/5
The shorter the life of the lens, the more comfortable they are.  These are a lot more comfortable than lenses that are 1 year.  Feels like I'm not even wearing any lenses.

Overall I think these lens are great for everyday.  I'm just a bit sad that they're only 1 month, but then again I still have soo many brown lenses!  Haha.

Thank you so much again for reading this review!, Feel free to use "A24680000" at checkout for $5 off your order.