Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Uniqso - ICK Clara Grey and Stella Eyelashes Review

Hello there!  I think I'm going to start posting my Uniqso reviews on my blogspot too.  I will still be sharing my photos on my tumblr! :)  I think the format here looks better than on my tumblr theme.  Anyways I got three items from Uniqso for the month of November and I seriously can't wait for my December items!  I got a bb cream from Skin79 and a pair of brown lens that hopefully I'll love as much as the green lens in that series.  I'll be doing a holiday look with those two items so look out for my next review on Uniqso soon! ^o^)/  Okay, back to the three items, I got ICK Clara Grey, Stella Eyelashes Natural Prime 2001, and Lolita Wig BJ in which I will post at a different time.
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I guess I'll start off with the lashes.  I am so glad I picked out these lashes!  I usually go for short natural voluminous lashes, but this time I wanted lashes for length.  I need lengthening lashes in my collection.  These lashes are in natural prime 2001.

*left: taken with flash, right: taken without flash*

Omo... look at that length!  My eye lashes are very short and so wearing false lashes really changes the shape of my eye.

I seriously love the look these lashes give.  These are now my go-to lashes.  I really like this brand's natural prime lash line.  I have two lashes from this line already and they're my favorites!

The only down side is that the lash band is EXTREMELY flexible and can get ruined fast. So be very careful when taking them out the first time, taking it off and cleaning them.

Design & Color:  4/5
I absolutely love grey lens.  Next to nude grey these are my second natural looking grey go-to lens.  I also like the way it blends into my dark brown eyes nicely.  I'm usually not a fan of rings especially black rings on circle lens.  But I actually like the dark brown ring in these lens.  In natural lighting the lens are a dark grey but in sunlight you can see a medium grey color.  I was looking on stylenanda's website and thought wow, these lens are pretty similar to the ones that they wear.  For the first time I feel like these lens actually look like how they look like on the model.  Haha.

Enlargement:  4/5
Perfecto!  For my eyes, which are pretty tiny, 14-15mm lenses are my favorite.  These lens are 15mm which is a bit big but they really give a good enlargement to my eyes.

Comfort:  4/5
These lenses are nice!  I didn't feel any irritation putting them in and didn't have any tears coming down.  Almost feels like i'm not wearing lens.

Overall I really like these lens! ^__^

Uniqso changed up their cute bear picture!  Cute packaging always makes a customer come back! :D

Lastly an old selcas that was taken 3 weeks ago with the lens & lashes...

Thank you again for reading!  I have two Memebox posts coming up, one on their masks (which I can't wait for!) and the snow white box.  I really hope memebox doesn't stop releasing boxes!  I really enjoy getting their boxes!  Crossing my fingers...  I also ordered some Stylenanda or 3 Concept Eyes cosmetics from Yesstyle so there will also be a review on those!  I'm super excited for those to come in next week!  I've always wanted to try 3CE items ever since I found out about them 3 years ago.  Well, until next time!  21 more days until my birthday! :D