Thursday, December 25, 2014

What I, NkaujHli got for Christmas / Birthday. *(*´∀`*)☆

Merry Christmas Everyone!  I'm just making a quick post about what I got for Christmas.  My birthday is close to Christmas, it's on Dec. 22nd.  For the first time in years I got more than one or two presents.  My parents went all out this year. >.< /crying

I decided to open up the "cutting board."  I really didn't know what this was.  They told me it was a jacket, and I really believed them.  I opened this one curious to see what jacket they got me, but it was actually a MacBook Pro.  Oh my gosh... I was about to cry.  I really didn't think they'll get me this laptop even though I've been begging for this.

Gah!  Look how pretty it is.  Didn't set it up yet because it's too precious to touch right now.  Haha.

Next up is this Sephora Favorites set.  It's a JCPenny exclusive so it's not available anywhere else.  This is from Secret Santa, my brother-in-law.  I went to the store with my sister and bro in law and I was staring at this set the whole time!  I really wanted it, because it's a super good deal!  Even though it says $55 it was on sale for $45!  It has 3 full size items so it was totally worth it.  My sister grabbed the set and said that she was getting it for herself.  I was sooo jealous!  Turns out they bought this for me.  ( -__- )  This was seriously my face when I found out this was my Secret Santa gift.  Haha.

Isn't it awesome?  I mean come on there's a full size NARS lipstick!  I HIGHLY recommend going to a Sephora inside a JCPenny!  They have such unbelievable gift sets for a very cheap price!

My oldest sister got me this Lancome set for my birthday.  I was shopping with my sister at Macys and came across this gift set in party plums.  Inside are 12 full size items plus a sample size of their Advanced Genifique.  I kept looking at it and my sister kindly decided to buy for me for my birthday since I don't really get anything for my birthday.  /cry.  She's the best big sister. :(  

This set is $59.50 with purchase so she also bought herself a skin care set.  It's not bad.  I mean the Urban Decay Naked On the Run palette (which my other sister got) retails for $54, $6 more and you could get this so... I think it's an awesome steal!  You get so much more too. 

It came in a really nice big black bag, perfect for carrying cosmetics when traveling.  Those Eiffel towers are so pretty!  Did you know that the Eiffel Tower is painted in three colors?  I learned it in French.  Haha.  Just thought it was pretty cool.

My parents bought me this Clarisonic.  I was staring at this particular one at the store too!  I was telling my sister to tell my parents to get me this one and they've already bought it along time ago, before I even saw it.  They're good!  They know me so well.  I'm really surprised how my sister didn't tell me, even though she has the biggest mouth.

My other sister bought me hair dye.  Thank goodness!  It's an ash color.  I need to redye my hair.  I'm tired of the brassy color.  Never going ombre again.

My brother is the youth leader at our church and so he of course bought the sisters a bible and placed $60 in each bible.  Thanks big brother.

Lastly, is this Macy's palette my close friend bought me.  The eye shadows aren't the best but the lip glosses and blushes/bronzers are great!  

I also received Memebox's Thanksgiving Edition on Christmas Eve, but I guess that doesn't really count....  I really love the toner in this box!  I will be reviewing this box so look out for it soon! ;)  They also released Pony's second edition palette so click here to get it.  Don't forget to use KX5HX7 or F0Q3VE for $5 off your order.

This year everyone was spoiled!  My sister and bro's girlfriend got Michael Kors purses, mommy got an Estee Lauder Skin Care Set, bro got a tailor guitar, and much much more.  Okay, that is all for today.  Enjoy the rest of your Christmas! :)  What did you get for Christmas?