Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Memebox Intro to XO Memebox Box Vol. 2 Review & Swatches

Hello!  I haven't done a review on a box from Memebox in forever!!!  I'm here today to review Memebox's Intro to XO Memebox Box (currently sold out).  If you haven't tried their XO products I highly recommend grabbing their awesome value sets or boxes.  It's a great way to explore their brand for a great price. :)

Without further ado, let's get into the review. ( ^o^ ) /

First off, we have the Meme Puff Set (5pc).  I mentioned these in a post before and I absolutely love them.  If you haven't tried a ruby-cell puff you are crazy!  These puffs will seriously change your life.  Well, for me it did.  Ever since I started using puffs from cushion foundations I never went back to my fingers or brushes.

Ruby-cell puffs can be used for any cream or liquid face makeup.  They'll make your face look super flawless and airbrushed.   They're a bit stiff at first but once you start using it, it'll become easier to bend.  The band is also stretchable which is helpful to bend the puff to reach into the smaller areas.  They only retail for $5 (a dollar each) which is the cheapest I've seen compared to other Korean brands.

Blending brush!  It's super soft when I run my fingers through it but when it's on my eye lid it pokes my eyes when it's positioned at a certain angle.  It does a decent job blending but it's not the best blending brush.

Next up, we have I'm Eyebrow Pencil #BP004 Light Brown.  The color is a cool tone light brown.  I was blonde just a few weeks ago, so the color is a bit too light for my current hair color.  Just putting on a brow mascara afterwards really makes a difference.  Right now this brow pencil and the brow mascara I use is my favorite combo.  My brows lasts all day with this brow pencil.  Love. <3

I'm Concealer in 01 Vanilla.  This concealer is only available in two light shades, 01 Vanilla and 02 Custard.  It's texture is thick and a bit heavy.  The coverage is amazingly great.

As you can see above, it almost completely covers the brown eyeliner.  I would only use this concealer to conceal trouble spots rather than brighting because of its weight but the color is yellow based which is good for covering darker areas.  This concealer also lasts all day on my combination-oily skin.

In this box you get two lippies, one lip tint and one liquid lip.   They are the same size but have different amounts.???  Why? O_o  The liquid lips are 9g and retail for $16 while the lip tints are 5g and retail for $14.

I'm Lip Liquid in #CR600 Anastasia is one of the best selling colors, it's also one of my favorites.  This pinky-coral is flattering on all skin tones and if you've been wanting to try out Memebox's lip liquids, I highly recommend trying this color or get the best selling set of SIX that only retails for $39!  They'll make perfect stocking stuffers for Christmas! :D  Or gift it to yourself. :P

These lip liquids are made with Water-Wrapping technology such as; Argan Oil, Rosehip Oil, and Manuka Honey Extract to give the color a beautiful gloss without a sticky felling.  I reviewed all 15 I'm Lip Liquids a few months ago and I absolutely love them, expect the for transferring before it sets into the lips.  They're strongly pigmented, moisturizing, long lasting, blends easily for gradients lips, leaves a stain, and can be used as blush!

I'm Lip Tint #CR659 Boracay Coral is a cute coral shade, very similar to their I'm Lip Crayon in #03 Giselle.  I didn't think I would like the color because the outside packaging has a bright neon orange and it's usually pretty close to the actual product color.  So I was shocked to see a pretty coral shade.  I am in love with the color!

These lip tints are also made with water-wrapping technology ingredients to give a glossy finish without a sticky feeling.  BUT there is stickiness. (-__-)  It's not super sticky... sort of like the Anastasia BH Lip Liquids, where it's a bearable sticky.  I don't find this lip tint to be long wearing at all.  After a few hours it starts to fade and it leaves a very slight tint, maybe because it's one of the lighter colors.  The best things about this lip tint are the moisturizing effects and color.  I do like this product and would like to try out the darker colors to see if they do leave a tint on the lips.

So cute!  One of the products in the box is a mini sample size of Memebox's Snowflake Cleanser (10g).  I think they released this a while back because I remember seeing it on other sites before it was launched on the USA site.

Cleansing!  You can never have enough cleansing products.  This product is a sherbet cleanser which is the perfect cleanser for someone who likes to take their makeup off in one go.  What is a cleansing sherbet?  It's a cleansing balm that turns into a cleaning oil once you rub it into the skin.

This cleanser is made with mineral-rich Jeju spring water that promotes vitality and elasticity of the skin while you cleanse.  Also inside this cleanser are shea butter, citrus peel extract, and lotus flower extract to keep the skin feeling moisturized and supple.

I applied, concealer, lip tint, lip crayon, mascara, blush, eyeliner, and cream eyeshadow on my hand to test the cleanser.  A little goes a long way so don't dig into the cleanser.  Rub the cleanser into the skin for about 30 seconds to a minute or however long you'd like.  Everything but the lip tint came off.  Seems like it works really nice but when it's used on the face it's okay.

I grab like a penny size amount and divide it between my hands.  I massage the cleanser on my face for about a minute or so and rinse with warm water then cold water.  It does not remove heavy eye makeup well.  I still had a lot of mascara and lash glue around my eyes.  Other than the eye makeup it cleaned off everything else pretty well.  Not the best cleansing sherbet I used, but if you don't wear a lot of eye makeup or have light makeup on it'll do the job perfectly fine. ;)  Lastly, my face does not feel dry afterwards which is awesome!

Lastly, we have Pony x Memebox Shine Easy Glam Season 3 Eyeshadow Quad in Brown Bloom!  I of course already have a few products from this collection in which you can read here.  "Shine Midnight Brown"(darkest color) is not as creamy as the rest of the shadows in the palette but it is the most pigmented.  I absolutely love wearing this shade all over my lids.  "Shine Brown is a pretty orange glittery shade.  "Glam Fair Beige" is pure white/slivery glitter sooooo pretty for the inner corners.  And lastly, the least glittery shade in the palette, "Glam Shine Brown" is a cute peachy shade also perfect for all over the lid.

These shadows are not the most pigmented but they are build-able.  They're perfect for makeup beginners and people who like glittery/shimmery eyeshadows.   That being said, here is a super simple makeup look I did with Memebox's I'm Eyebrow Pencil, Blending Brush, and all colors of Pony x Memebox Brown Bloom palette.

*sigh* due to this weather I've been feeling sluggish.  I can't do my makeup anymore... haven't touched my favorite things in so long.

Overall, this box gives you a great range of XO Memebox products to try for a great price.  It has just about everything you need to create a full face makeup look which is awesome. ;)