Wednesday, December 31, 2014

SKIN79 The Oriental Gold Plus BB Cream and GEO Berry Cessy Brown Review

Hello lovelys!  How is it going?  *sigh* One more semester of school and I'm done!  It's busy, being in the last year of high school.  Looking into colleges and everything.  I got a handwritten post card from School of Visual Arts in NYC.  I want to go, but the money.... and New York is soo far from home. >_<  Decisions, decisions....

Anyways, today I'll be reviewing GEO Berry Cessy Brown and SKIN79 The Oriental Gold Plus BB Cream.  Both are sponsored by Uniqso but my reviews are always in my most honest opinions.

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Inside the lid is a lip and cheek balm.  It's super pigmented and creamy just like the bb cream!  As you can tell I've already used it. >_<  The first "photoshoot" was bad and I couldn't wait any longer to test it out.  Haha.

The color is a soft pink and gets lighter once it gets blended.  The pigmentation is great!

Here's a close up on how it looks like on my lips.  I applied it with a lip brush.  I don't recommend using your finger because you don't get a lot of product on your lips.

I actually really like this kind of pump.  This is the first time I've seen a pump like this for a bb cream.  All you'll do is push down a little bit.  Don't push all the way because then there will be a whole lot of product left over.  Trust me.  I really like this pump because I could simply push it down and dip my brush into it.  ;)

Swatches!  I currently have three bb creams from SKIN79 and compared the colors.  The orange one is the most warm tone but the lightest!  It matches my hand, but it's too white for my face.  The hot pink is my least favorite.  It's too gray toned, it makes my face look dirty and I so barely use it.  I don't know why it was so raved about back then.   

This gold plus' color is on the cool side and its color is a bit too light for me but it's the closet color to my face color out of the three shades.  It gives a bit of a dewy finish.  It's creamy and blends very well.  The coverage is medium to full.  It does a good job covering my redness on the sides of my face.  I'll say the longevity is about 5-7 hours, I have combination skin by the way.  

Overall: 4 out of 5.   This is my most liked SKIN79 bb cream out of the three I own.  It's not my color but I (think I) can pull it off by looking alive again using blush and bronzer.  I don't recommend this bb cream if your a darker skin tone.  If you're a darker skin tone and would like to try a SKIN79 bb cream try their bronze bb cream. :)  I do like the color balm on my cheeks to be very sheer.  The color is very pigmented so don't load a lot on your finger.  It looks cute on the lips too. :)

with flash

Design & Color:  3.5/5  My natural eye color is a deep brown and these lenses covers them up REALLY well!  I've always wanted a light brown eye color!  These are seriously the perfect light brown lens.  I also love the green version of this series!  The only down side for me is that it's hard to tell which side is the side you would put in towards your eye, which lead to a problem in comfort...  

Enlargement:  2/5  I personally like smaller lens and don't usually go for the big eye enlarging anymore and so this is the perfect enlargement for me.  But I think the rating of enlargement is how much it enlarges the eye.  Therefore I gave the enlargement a 2 since it doesn't do much enlarging.

Comfort:  4/5  Oh gosh!  You have no idea how hard it was to put them in my eye.  I thought something was wrong with the circle lens!  Turns out the darker side is the side you put towards your eyeball.  Usually it would be the more faded side that would be, so it was confusing to put them in.  It took me 2 days to figure that out.  Be careful to not wear lens inverted.  Check this circle lens wearing guide to help tell the difference! :)  After finding the correct way, they felt like wearing any other lens.  Comfortable, didn't feel like I was wearing lenses at all.

Selca!  I attempted this review so many times.  First time I didn't like my photos, second time my selcas didn't work out, third time I liked it and all of my selcas were on my mom's phone BUT then my dad decided to delete all of them, and then exams happened, this is the fourth time attempting this review which is why it took so long. -_-  I am wearing the lens, blush/lip cream and bb cream in these photos.

Well, that's all for this review.  I ordered a Tororo kigurumi and a pair of grey lenses for my next review so keep an eye for that soon.  Until next time. ;)