Sunday, March 1, 2015

SoYoung I Wish Lovely x Memebox Make Up Line Review - Perfect Travel size products

Hello friends!  Guess what! I finally got it!  YES!  About a month ago Soyoung and three other Korean beauty guru youtubers collaborated with Memebox.  I love Soyoung and have been watching her videos ever since the first three months she started to upload youtube videos.  It's so awesome how far she's gotten.  So proud of her.  Anyways, she came out with six products with Memebox.  Three eye shadow sticks, two lip & cheek products, and a concealer.  I was about to buy all six items but I was ONE dollar short to be able to buy it!!!   Argg, so I ended up not buying the concealer.  :(  Don't you hate that feeling or situation?  Haha.


Okay, let's get into the products. ^o^)/   *sorry for some/all pixelated images.  My photoshop is stupid.  Need to look up how to stop making it so darn pixellated. :/ *

I was surprised to see it come in a memebox.  I thought it would just be in a regular box.  I LOVE their shipping time!  It only took 3 days to arrive.

Gahhhh!  Look how pretty the packaging is! I feel like Soyoung and I are so alike.  If I were to have my own make up line I would totally make it just like this.  I love pink, gold, and white too.  It's so pretty and elegant looking.

It also came with a super cute card.  I love the way the font is printed in a handwriting style.  Cute.

I can't tell which color is which.  The font is super little on the bottom and so I would always have to just open and check which color it is.  ( -__- )

Here are some official stock images of the products:

Time for swatches!  I seriously love all of the colors!  All are very pigmented and VERY long lasting.  I washed my hands a few times and the shadow sticks were still there!  Lovely pink still stayed on strong and a bit of lovely peach came off, but left a tint.  The lip & cheek products are matte with a moose texture.  Super pretty colors.  Peach and a bold pink are my favorite

Selca cut!


I created two different looks with the shadow sticks and lip & cheeks products.  I used lovely peach for my lips and cheeks, lovely rose gold and sepia for the eyes.  Then adding to that eye look I added bronze on the whole lid and applied lovely pink on my naked lips.

Overall I recommend this make up line with Memebox.  I already love Memebox's I'm Series so it wasn't a surprised that I would also like these.  I want to get all of their collaboration products with the Korean beauty gurus.  I plan to get Dayeong's box later when I have money again.  Haha.  Anyways check out their collaborations here. ;)

I will be posting Soothingsista's #eyelove palette soon!  And I am slowly working on my 3CE review.  Just been busy with school here and there.  Four more months until I'm released in prison (school)!!! ^__^  After that I'll try to get back on tumblr and everything. ;)  Until next time.