Saturday, March 7, 2015


Hello you!  Guess what.  I was so close to getting this palette.  I was going to use the rest of my points to get this palette free but then I heard that Memebox was going to release Soyoung's I Wish Lovely make up line soon so I ended up getting that instead.  You can read my review on her line here.  I absolutely recommend it! ^__^

I was lucky enough to receive Soothingsista's palette to review.  I have Urban Dekay's Naked 3 and was hesitant to get it because the colors are also pink toned so I thought there wasn't a need to get it.  Alright, I'll typing and get to the palette. :)  Although this review is sponsored, everything is and will always be my honest opinion.


Stock image of color swatches:

Overall the palette is great!  The price isn't bad for a quad and it's travel friendly.  It's perfect if you're going to carry a smaller purse.  The colors are great for an everyday makeup look.  My favorite color is Sutro and Bae Area, but I defiantly do like all colors.  I don't think the pigmentation is as great as they say it is.  For me it's okay.  It's not super sheer or super pigmented.  With primer it's perfect.  It's not my go to palette because it does not have a highlight color.  I do recommend this palette because it's a good alternative for the naked 3, plus it's very travel friendly.  If you would like to purchase the palette click here. :)  Pony's Shine and Glam palette is still my favorite and  go to palette.  It's available on the meme website and I highly recommend that palette.  Click here to purchase and if you want read my review on it. :)

Selca from last night using the palette. ;)  Eyebrows on FLEEK!  Lol.

March Discounts:

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I checked my email and saw that Memebox now has 3CE (3 Concept Eyes/Stylenanda) on their site!  Oh my gosh!  Plus it's on sale!  Highly recommend the brand!  Hopefully they'll add more on their site.  Seriously, I've been obsessed with 3CE ever since I've known them.  I bought their Waterfull Foundation and cream blusher and it's WONDERFUL!  Especially the cream blusher.  ( I PROMISE to post that review this month).  I sadly bought fake lip pigments when I was younger. :(  Now that they're on Memebox's site I will buy lots since they also have super fast shipping in the states.  If you don't live in the states and would like to try 3CE products, I recommend shopping at Yesstyle.  They have awesome sales throughout the whole year.

Alright, that's it for today.  I will see ya next time! ( ^o^ )/