Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Estee Lauder Collaborates with Lisa Perry - Macys Get free 8 pc set with purchases of $35 or more!

Hello you guys!  I will be making a quick post about Macy's awesome Estee Lauder free gift promotion.  So on Saturday, I believe, a Macy's magazine came in the mail informing us about the sales going on this weekend.  On the back was filled with Estee Lauder products!  In big read letters it read "FREE 8 pc gift with purchases $35 or more!"  My eyes were like in *gasp*.  What a deal!

I thought about getting their new pure color envy shine lipstick line, but I figured I should go for a foundation since the set already comes with a full size lipstick.  I went to the mall on Sunday afternoon and turns out they did not have the promotion.  The lady said that it won't be starting until Wednesday March 3rd in stores.  Went back on Wednesday and got Estee Lauder's Double Wear Stay in Place Foundation.  My very (actually second,  my first was 3CE waterfull foundation, but it's a Korean brand, so I guess it's my first luxury American brand) first luxury foundation!

I also got my very first color match.  Turns out I'm in the color 1N2 Ecru.  It's a pale ivory beige with neautral undertones.  It looks super natural when she applied it on my face.  She also gave me a sample size of the product.  When I was getting color matched she said "didn't I already color match you?"  I replied no.  We simply go to Macy's a lot.  It's embracing when the majority of the workers know you.  Haha.  My sisters and I go there too much.

In this promotion, you can pick your own moisturizer, eye cream, and lip stick.  I was hesitating which cream to pick.  The lady said she recommend me the advance time zone creams because I have a lot of wrinkles.  When she said that I was like "what the heck!?"  if I'm wrinkly what are you?  The lady who was helping me an elder women.  I was a bit ticked off when she said that.  I'm only 17 and apparently I have more wrinkles than a 50 year old women does. My face was also a bit dry since I did not apply any skin care products that day and she told me all of these stuff my about skin that I already knew.  She was not the best service I've had.

I picked Pink Parfait as my lipstick.  I was thinking about getting Rubellite but I already have so many colors similar to it that, so I decided to get Pink Parfait.  This lipstick is their pure long lasting lipstick.  I don't know why it's in different packaging when the amount is the same.  I prefer the original packaging.  The mascara I haven't tried yet.

I am super picky about perfume scents.  I don't like the scent.  At first I liked it but then it started to smell like a perfume for older women around their 40s or 50s.  I prefer fruity or floral scents like Mark Jacob's Daisy.  Oh that smells soooo good!  It's has such a classy and elegant scent.

I know a lot of people like this, hence being it's number one selling serum.  I do not like how you have to poor it out to get the product.  I wished the was a pump or something, but whatever.

This is my first time actually reading what's on the card.  It this really true!?  Guess I have to go back sometime.  :/

I highly recommend this promotion.  It's a great deal, the set has a $125 value all for free!  Who doesn't like free gifts with purchases?  Click here to purchase online. ;)  Also if you spend $70 or more you'll get the 7 Pure Color EyeShadows and travel pouch free with the 8pc!  Isn't that unbelievable?  I can't stress how great of a steal this is!  I wanted to post this as fast I as could to inform you of this great deal!  So hurry and get it because it's only while supplies last!

I will post a review on the foundation once I get a chance to actually use it.  Look forward to a lot of posts this month! :D  I have a bunch of drafts getting ready to be posted. ;)  I plan to post a 3CE waterfull foundation and cream blusher review, a circle lens review, SoothingSista's #eyelove palette x Memebox, maybe Estee L foundation and maybe a 101 false eyelash post.

This is random but oh my gosh, Memebox is killing me!  They just released more products from their line!  This time it's cream blushers and they're sooo pretty!  I want!  Arggg... I swear, all of my money goes to Memebox.  They have a lot more products on their Korean website but I'm guessing they always wait about 2 weeks before they also share it on the "global" site.  If you want to check them out click here. ;)

Well, until next time.  ^o^)/