Saturday, March 21, 2015

Celebrating a friend's BDay @ Stonebowl, Korean Restaurant Super Yummy *WARNING: you might want to eat first*

Aigoo, been eating good for the past weekends.  I swear I ate Japanese food last week.  This week it was my cousin Destinee's birthday and celebrated by going to a Korean restaurant in downtown called Stonebowl.  It's a super nice place.  They have more photos on the site if you want to go look at the place. ;)

These were the side dishes they were serving that day; potato salad, cucumber in paper paste, and seaweed salad.  It changes from time to time.  The best thing is that they're refillable! :D
I've never knew that the tables have Korean writing on it!  Oh my gosh, that is so cool, never noticed until I was editing the photos.  haha.

I think this was seedweed soup that came with a dish that we ordered.  It didn't smell or taste as good as I thought.  All five of us did not even finish it.   Aigoo, I feel so bad for wasting food, but I just couldn't do it. :(

Here's a dry noodle dish.  It wasn't all that unique.  It tasted like the noodles that was always eat when there's a family gathering or like eggroll noodles.  Yeah, it was like eggroll noodles.

Amber ordered squid bibimbap.  I think I'm going to order that next time I go.  It was sooo good!  Oh my gah, I'm getting hungry.  Didn't eat today yet.... aigoo.

Umm..... close up with ma yummy food.  I ordered beef bibimbop.  I am seriously in love with Korean bibimbap.  I order it every time I go to Stonebowl.  This one is better than the one I had at h-mart.  I love how perfect they cooked the egg.  The sound of the sizzling was solo pleasant!

Ahh.... the table just kept getting filled with food!  Aigoo, I want to grab it though the screen!  

Grilled pork.  We eat it by wrapping the pork, rice, and pepper paste with lettuce.  I was good but not as yummy as the spicy sweet pork! 

Spicy Korean Pork, super yummy.  My sisters always make this dish at home.  I could eat this all day.  The birthday girl fell in love with this dish!  Haha.  She was picking at it the whole time.

Rice cakes!  I didn't have high hopes for these because I heard that they weren't as great as they make it look like in Korean dramas.  My sister had these at a different restaurant and didn't like them. But dangggg her taste buds must be bad because this was super good!  We ordered two rice cake dishes.  The other one had cheese on top and was also super yummy!  Stonebowl it's awesome!  

Just before everyone starts digging in.

Super close up of my bibimbap mixed with paper paste.  Ah, I want to eat it again.

The pot was so hot that it was still cooking.  The rice was getting stuck to the bowl.  As I scooped the rice I could taste the crunchy brunt rice, haha.  

Yup, five girls killed it man.  Haha.

All done!

Lastly, my sister, Amber, and I secretly asked if they have any birthday specials.  They told us that they didn't and that the only thing they could do was play the birthday song loudly.  We requested a song, Junsu's You are so Beautiful.  Right after that song a really catchy birthday song played and our waitress brought out with little mochis with a candle in the middle!  How cute.  

Had a super great time.  I really want to go back soon. :3  If you're in the Milwaukee area, I highly recommend this place! :)  Yes!  I used this as my photography portfolio summative and I got full points!  My art teacher really thought these were well taken and edited.  The theme was time lapse.  I thought I was going to do landscape, but that isn't my thing.  So I thought since we're going out I'll take photos of our food! Haha.

I have a few reviews/posts coming soon so look out or those.