Saturday, April 4, 2015

What kind of circle lens are best for what kind of look? 3 different lens, 3 different looks.

Hello!  I know it's been a super long while since I've done a circle lens post so today is going to be about what kind of makeup look I did with different colored lens.  If you noticed I'm usually wearing grey or brown lens.  Rarely any blue, greens, purples, pinks, or reds.  But today there's a green pair of lens I'm reviewing! :D

All lenses are from Uniqso and are always in my most honest opinion.  They recently added some new lens so check out their site! :)

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Oh my goodness, I think these have become my favorite grey lenses.  These are GEOLIC Euro Celine Grey and are seriously the most natural grey lens I have ever worn.  The first time I wore these lens they dried my eyes roughly after four hours of wearing them, but after a few more times of wearing them they didn't dry out my eyes.  I guess it was just that day my eyes were dry.  The lens also gives a perfect enlargement, not too big or too small.  Extremely comfortable and thin.  Sad that these lens only last three months.  I seriously am in love with the natural blend with the grey to my natural dark brown eyes.  These lens look more blue than grey, but it's okay I don't mind blue eyes either.  Haha.  Highly recommend these lens.

Okay, make up look.  When I think of grey or blue eyes I personally think about a "sexy" eye look; like a smokey eye, cat liner, dark eye shadows, dramatic lashes, ect.  It also depends on the design of the lens.  For example, two color designs are more "dolly" like and 3 (tri) colors are more natural.  Because these lens are tri colored, I went with a "darker" look.  I think these lens could also go with a light natural eye look.

Selca with the lens but with a different look.  Lip color = spring! :)

Ah, I want a nice pair of green lens.  These lens are iCodi Colors of the Wind No. 15 Yellow Green.  These lens are super vibrant.  Because the other pair of grey lens from this line wasn't as vibrant I wanted it to be I thought I would go for a lighter color since it wasn't vibrant.  But boy was I wrong.  I don't really like the clear transition from the green to my eye color, it's not fading into my eye color.  These lens are 15mm so they're a bit on the larger side for me, but I think it's still an okay enlargement.  If I were to rate these lens out of five it would be a three.

I think these lens can be for any look.  Although they're vibrant and maybe a bit scary for the first time since it's more vibrant than usual it's actually pretty okay in real life and pictures.  It's not the best shade of green but, I still think they're nice.  If you're really into vibrant lens I highly recommend these for you!  They cover my dark brown eyes very well.

Ah, I seriously have too many brown lens.  These lens are Beuberry Charm 4 Tones Brown.  I forgot to look at the size of these lens when I ordered them.  When I saw that it said 16mm, I was like noooooooooo!  But when they came in it's not as big as my other 16mm.  So I don't think 16mm is the real size to these lens.  They're comfortable and super pretty.  Oh yeah, so off topic but all of these lens do not have the hula effect (when you move your eyes and the lens doesn't follow your eye).  I hate it when lens do that.  Anyways, back to the design; super pretty.  That's pretty much it, just super pretty and natural looking.  As you can see it lighten my dark brown eyes.  For the lens I went with a simple daytime eye look.  

I think these lens make your eyes sparkle a bit. >_<  haha.  I'm thinking about dying my hair soon.  It's pretty much a nasty ombre again.  *sigh*

Well, that's all for today.  I think my next post will be about the long awaiting 3CE Waterful Foundation and blusher that was supposed to be posted last month.  Sorry about that, but guess what it's spring break!!! Yeah! :D  I'm going to try to keep my with tumblr and my drafts on blogger.  haha.  Don't forget to check out their current promos! :)  Until next time. ;)

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