Sunday, April 26, 2015

Pony x MEMEBOX Shine Easy Glam 3 Collection: Blossom Lipsticks & Pink Bloom Eyeshadow Quad Review

Hello!  Guess what.  Pony's third season with Memebox was finally released on their global site last week Friday!  I ordered all four lipsticks (red, burgundy red, pinky-orange, bright pink) and one eyeshadow quad right when I got home.  There is a total of three eyeshadow quads; brown, orange, and pink.  Of course I got the pink quad.  I'm seriously impressed.
Who is Pony?  " Korean self-taught MUA and the winner of "2011 Makeup Artist of the Year Award", Pony is one of the hottest beauty icons in the industry. Her passion for beauty is evident on her YouTube channel Pony's Beauty Diary where she delivers the hottest K-Beauty trends. She teamed up with Memebox to design products that are beginner-friendly and can glam you up instantly- Shine, Easy, Glam."  Pony also has her own youtube channel, in which you can subscribe here. ;)  She's seriously one of my favorite Korean icons.

Ah, the packaging is sooo pretty! (  ^ o ^ )/  What I don't like about the packaging is that the top is easily scratched and when you touch it it leaves EVERY SINGLE FINGER PRINT.  It's one of my pet peeves when the packaging it like that.

The box of her products are super cute too!  It's girly and perfect for spring.  I'm surprised that the ingredients are not in English.  Nothing is in English expect for the shadow names and the palette type.  It's not a big deal to me but It maybe to some people.

Ah, so pretty!  I was debating forever with myself whether to get the orange palette or pink palette.  I was going back and forth looking at the swatches from the reviews on the Korean website.  The pink palette did not look that pigmented compared to the orange colors, but I figured I'll go with the pink palette since I have A LOT of gold colored products.  When I swatched them, I was super surprised.  I looked at the pictures on the Korean site in the review section and all of the swatches in the photos look super light.  I'm pretty happy with this palette.

Ah, I love the cute floral packaging!  

Aren't they pretty?  I love the white, gold and holographic sliver touch.  

I'm not a fan of the random number on the back but it's okay.  On the bottom there is a label of the color but it's too hard to read because of the stamps and super small font.  Although the numbers are a bit random, it makes it A LOT easier for me to tell which color is which, instead of opening every single lip stick to figure out which color I want *cough cough, that's what I have to do for Soyoung's eyeshadow sticks*.

 Swatch time!  Lipstick swatches are one layer and eyeshadows swatches are done with no primer and 2 layers.  Photo taken with flash.

Blossom Lipsticks:  I love lip sticks!  They're one make up product I can not forget about.  I knew right away that I would get at least 2 lip sticks and ended up getting all of them. (>_<)  Rose Garden and Spring Romance are both semi-matte finishes while Orange Dahlia and Blooming Love are glossy finishes.  They have a velvet texture, super pigmented and feel great on the lips.  Longevity is pretty good too!  I was eating pizza and it was still there afterwards!  I thought Orange Dahlia would be my favorite color, but Spring Romance is the color I've been wearing.  Overall, the lipsticks are great and I highly recommend them! :)

Pink Bloom Eyeshadow quad:  As said before, I did not have high hopes for this palette but still wanted to get it just in case it's better than other Memebox palettes.  I'm so glad I got this palette!  It's way more pigmented than Pony's Shine Easy Glam 2 and the Sweet 16 palette with Nylon.  It's a whole new different formula.  They feel super soft, little fall outs, and perfect colors for spring.  This palette is my second favorite palette from Memebox in general, first place being Pony's Shine Easy Glam palette 1 (click to read review).  Overall, I also recommend this palette series if you're into shimmery shades.

I knew Memebox was going to release some Pony boxes a week or so later!  I was waiting for those to come out, but I couldn't wait any longer and bought them when they were on sale.  Anyways, they released boxes with items Pony used for the look she created with her eyeshadow palettes.  Orange Bloom box, Brown Bloom Box, and Pink Bloom Box.  All boxes have really great deals and I highly recommend them if you want to try her some of her collaboration products with Memebox and Memebox's make up brand overall.

Well, that's all for today.  I think I might post a make up look later. (click here for a makeup tutorial using the pink bloom palette and orange dahlia!) Until next time. :)