Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Nylon x MEMEBOX - Sweet 16 Eye and Face Palette Review

Hello!  I know it's been a long time since my last Memebox post.  But guess what!  Memebox recently collaborated with Nylon for their 16th anniversary and created a face and eye palette called Sweet 16, #itgirlpalette.  Here's a bit of a description of the palette:

"#ItGirlPalette is NYLON’s special gift to its readers in celebration of their 16th anniversary. All colors were carefully picked by NYLON’s senior beauty editors with a strong emphasis on versatility and uniqueness. Each color packs a punch so you can amp up the night with just one shade, or blend your favorites to create a custom look! This palette is a must-have for all gals that are edgy, trend-setting, and f***ing awesome. Cruelty Free."
 It's Spring break and I was not expecting a package expect for my monthly Uniqso order.  My mom came home and grabbed the mail on her way in.  There was a package for me!  It was from Memebox and so I was like huh?  I didn't order anything.  Turns out they sent me their new palette with Nylon to review.  They also sent cute little samples.

I received three samples of Skin79 bb creams.  I own three of them and they aren't my favorite.  I think my favorite would be the gold and orange bb creams.  I also have the hot pink one and I seriously do not know why it was such a big hit back in the days.  Anyways...on to the palette.

All ingredients are listed on the back of the box.

It looks just like Pony's second season of her Shine and Glam palette doesn't it?  Click here to read Pony's second season palette review.  They are also the same size and layout.  Packaging is small and slim.  Love the full size mirror.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot.  As I was using this palette I noticed that the eyeshadows tilt when I press down on one side.  I think they're depot-able?  I didn't want to take it out just in case I brake the palette or colors.

Swatches!  (heavy swatches with no primer, taken with flash)  I bet you were waiting for this!  The moment (champagne pink) can be used as a face highlighter.  It's not very pigmented though.  Lilo (white) and Mary Kate's pigmentation is okay; not as sheer nor pigmented.  Mary Kate is such a pretty color; sometimes it looks yellow or green depending on the angle your looking at.  Mischa is a hot red color, it's also very pretty.  Nicole is a brown with blue shimmers.  It reminds me of Too Faced's Pretty Rebel palette in the color Girly.  Paris is a pretty rose bronze color.  They describe Lana as an antique gold and I totally agree.  There's no way to better describe that color; it's very pretty.  I seriously thought I would hate sweet 16 because it looked so pigmented and bright.  BUT I actually really like the color!  It's super cute as a blush.  It goes on as a natural flush shade on my cheeks with a light hand.  Sweet 16 is probably the most pigmented color throughout this whole palette.  All of the colors are shimmery expect for Lilo and Sweet 16.

Overall thoughts:  It's a very cute palette.  It's small and slim; perfect for traveling.  The lighter colors aren't as pigmented as the dark shades.  I also feel like all of the colors go very well together.  My very first thoughts of seeing this palette was "eh,  I could pass this up" but after using it a few times I do enjoy the palette.  It's very fun and unique.  

Well, there's my review for this palette.  Memebox also released boxes with the palette inside.  There are two boxes, one makeup and skincare($49) and the other make up($39).  Trust me, you're better off getting the boxes.  The palette costs $29 it self and believe me, Memebox ALWAYS have awesome valued boxes.  Don't forget they offer FREE SHIPPING for order overs $30.  Not bad! ^__^  I recently downloaded their app and OH MY GOSH; they have some seriously awesome value sets!

Sorry for the ipad quality.  I think Mischa has become one of my most favorite colors in the palette.  I placed Lana all over my lids, Mischa on my "crease"/outer v and bottom, Nicole on lower lash line, Mary Kate in the inner corners, and Sweet 16 on cheeks.

Okay, for real this month I WILL post my 3CE reivew. [ EDIT: It's up, click here to read. :) ]HAha.