Saturday, June 20, 2015

My SUPER SUPER Mini TheFaceShop "Haul"

Hello and welcome to my super duper extremely small "haul" at TheFaceShop.  This weekend, my family ate out at a Japanese hibachi sushi buffet called Royal in Illinois for an early father's day and for my brother-in-law's and my graduation.  After eating, almost everyone fell into a food coma.  I REALLY wanted to go to h-mart to visit TheFaceShop to get their foot peeling mask.  Got there and it was super expensive!  I did not want to spend $14 for that when it's only $5-6 online with free shipping.  So I decided to walk around the small shop and bought a foam cleaner and eyelid tape because everything there was just seriously overpriced. :(

I thought it was cute how they bagged it in a small "lunch bag" with small tape.

I received 3 foil samples upon my purchase.  I thought she would give me more because I've read reviews on yelp and they've received a decent amount of samples.  :(  I completely forgot to ask them about "checking in".  If you "check in" with them they'll give you a free sheet mask.  I was in such a rush I completely forgot about it until we got onto the highway.  *sigh* so sad....

This was my second time purchasing from that particular shop.  And the service that I got was a lot better than the first time I went.  The lady who helped me was young and we almost had the same makeup!  Haha.  I asked which foam cleanser she recommends for me and she was like "this one is good for you since you have combination to oily skin."  I was like "What!  Is this girl psychic?"  I was surprised that she knew my skin type.  When I was checking out I asked how did she know.  She replied, "I don't know, when I look at a person I just know what skin they have."  Overall, I don't think I'll ever visit the shop again because the prices are too high compared to the original prices in Korea and online.