Friday, June 12, 2015

Memebox I'm Lip Crayon Newly Released Colors Review

Hello!  Sorry for not posting for over a month.  Thankfully school is now over!  Today I'll be reviewing Memebox's new colors in their I'm Lip Crayon collection! :D  There are five new colors and they're all perfect for spring and summer!  Ah, I'm so excited to share this with you guys! :D

I was expecting my false lashes order to come in and was waiting all week for it since there wasn't a tracking number and it already passed 2 weeks.  I was super happy to see a package, I thought it was my eyelashes, but Memebox surprised me with a package!  The packaging was super cute!  It was packed in a durable metallic sliver bubble wrap envelope.  I didn't know it was from Memebox until I was their label, usually it comes in a brown box.  These items were sent to me but everything is my honest option.

I did already try out their lip crayon when it first came out.  I got the color #04 Juliet.  It's a bright purple-pink, you can read the review here. ;)  There isn't much photos of it in that review, so I'm making this one (review) super detailed. ^__^

Ahhhh!  I like the simple packaging, I think it's pretty cute.  I especially like how the color is the color of the lip crayon.  It doesn't make me guess what color I got.

A more detailed shot of the packaging.  Just like any other lip crayon that I have, it's 2.4g, which is a decent amount of product.

Oh so colorful and pretty!  In order it's #07 Carmen, #08 Natalie, #09 Irine, #10 Alice, and #11 Linda.

I seriously didn't even want to swatch them because they're so new and everything.  Haha.  I just want to stare at them.

Two swatch pictures just because.  :)  For some reason Carmen is not as pigmented as the other colors.  I swiped it multiple times to get the full color.

Starting from #07 and going up!  Left images are the famous ombre/gradient lips and right images are full lips.  When I swatched #07 Carmen on my arm, the color was clearly a brick red.  It's shear and easy to build up.  I actually like this one being sheer.  I think it's a pretty natural color suitable for everyday wear.  I love the ombre version a lot, but also the full lips.  On the website Carmen is the exact color that I swatched on my arm, but for some reason I can't get it that dark with my lips.  Just kidding, I think it was that light because I had concealer on my lips.  I just tried Carmen on my lips again and it's the brick red color.  Haha.  Well, both ways look nice!  Put concealer under Carmen for daytime and Carmen by itself for a night look.  I actually would recommend this color.  

Surprise, surprise.  #08 Natalie is surprisingly my favorite color!  It's soooo pigmented and is perfect for all skin tones.  I can't even express my feelings about this color.  I love both ways of application.  The ombre looks like a typical lip tint color but richer and fully applied looks simply gorgeous.  I highly recommend this color, it's absolutely stunning!  I feel like this is going to be another Chole (popular).

Ah, one of my favorite shades to wear, a blue toned dark pink-ish purple, #09 Irine.  My sister came into my room and grabbed Irine saying that this is my favorite color to wear.  Haha.  Although I have penalty of pink-ish purples this one is different from the rest of my collection.  It's more on the pinker/red side.  Most of mine are really purple with only a tiny tint of pink, so this one is going to be one of my "special" lip products.  I feel like I've never seen a color of this particular shade anywhere.

I feel like I already have this color but don't.  Haha, this is what happens when you become a lip junkie and think you don't have a similar color but you do.  #10 Alice is also cool toned pink.  

Finally my second favorite!  #11 Linda is the perfect name for this lip color.  Linda sounds like such a nice clamming name to call and wearing this lip color makes me feel soft and pretty.  Haha.  I also love my peach and orange colors.  I feel like Linda is the perfect shade in between pink and peach.  This color is seriously perfect for spring and summer.  It's also a very wearable everyday color.  I highly recommend this color if you're looking for the perfect in between pink peach.

Here, I blended different colors to see how it'll look like and I actually like the end look.  

Overall thoughts:  I absolutely love these lip crayons!  I haven't changed my opinion on these ever since I've tried them.  They last to about four-six hours and leave a nice stain on the lips.  THe pigmentation is seriously fantastic.  These crayons contain natural ingredients such as, macadamia seed oil, argan oil, jojoba seed oil, and rose hip oil.  They also moisture my lips.  Earlier today my lips were super dry and when I applied these lip crayons they really do not show that dryness. :)  If you don't like the shine it gives, simply bolt with a paper towel and it will still look great.  As said before, #8 Natalie and #11 Linda are my favorites, but I do think all colors are lovely and fun.  Which colors are your favorites?

Thank you for reading my crazy review and until next time! :D