Monday, August 17, 2015

Simple Everyday Eye Makeup Tutorial + GEO Celine Euro Lens in Pure Hazel

Hello!  This month from Uniqso, I ordered Stella Eyelashes Pointed 5506 and Geo Euro Celine in Hazel.  I fell in love with the grey lens of this series and I decided to go for the hazel lens.   I've been waiting to see how these lens would look like on darker eye colors.  So, with these items I came up with a very simple everyday eye look that could match any lip color.  If you're like me, a person who loves to wear different lip colors everyday then this may be a tutorial you'll enjoy.

Here's the completed overall look.  Sorry, I took it with my iphone.  I keep thinking I have a lot of color range for lipsticks, but I don't!  I need a pretty peach pink that matches me. :/

A few months ago I did a review of the Geo Euro Celine Grey and the date expired. :(  They are one of my favorite grey lenses ever!  These lens only lasts up to 3 months which is sooo short.  If you're a person who likes to switch around wearing circle lens you know that 3 months go by so fast but the nice thing is that monthly disposable lens are more comfortable than yearly lens.  The diameter is 14.2mm which is the perfect size I prefer for my eyes.  I can't say anything bad about these lens expect that instead of a hazel it's more green.  I don't mind it  but if you're someone who does want hazel lens don't get these lens.  These are seriously my favorite go to hazel lens.  Definitely buying these again. :)

In this tutorial, I layered these lashes with another natural pair of lashes.  I noticed the lashes are symmetrical so I cut one of the lashes in half and only applied the halves on the outer ends of my lash line.

These lashes are longer than what I expected when I saw them on the website.  They are the perfect lashes for stacking.  Because my eyes have a lot of skin and the way they are shaped, these lashes don't really give me a lot of "line" or show.  Wearing these lashes by themselves for me doesn't look right/nice since my natural lashes are so short but if you have full beautiful lashes then they'll look flawless on you.  Overall, these lashes are nice.  I love layering these lashes with my other thin natural false lashes.

I am also wearing the Geo Euro Celine Hazel when I was did my CL inspired makeup look that I posted a week ago.  This was suppose to be the initial makeup tutorial for these items but it just didn't turn out when I tried to do the look again.  Haha. >_<

This year is Uniqso's 4th anniversary!  An they have a TON of promos right now.  Because it's their 4th anniversary, they're giving every order an automatic $2 off when you checkout.  You'll also be able to get a free lens mirror case, but it's while supplies lasts so grab yours fast! 

If you're new to circle lens they have a beauty starter kit in which you can get ANY circle lens you want, Solone Alice Fantasy Adventure Liquid Eyeliner, and Blink-N-Clean Lens Drop with an automatic 15% discount plus the $2 off.  There is not a code, just add the items in your cart. ;) 

Express shipping for the USA is only $12 when you add two pairs of circle lens to your cart. (^o^)/  Free shipping is available for orders above $60.

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Well, that's all for today.  Thanks you reading! ^__^