Thursday, October 1, 2015

September Beauty Haul | High & Low End Brands & Memebox

Hello!  September has been an awesome month for me and I hope it was for you too. :)   *takes deep a breath*  Once October starts, it's only going to be three more months until my birthday and Christmas!  I'm already feeling the Christmas spirt.  Haha.  (・∀・)

Arrgg!!!  All of these new releases, sales, and gift sets from cosmetic stores and brands are killing me!  I've gone crazy.  Not really.  Maybe a little....  Ulta was having their 21 days of beauty and then Macy's started their beauty scene event.  (-__-)  Those two stores really know how to take my money.  This whole month I've made multiple trips to Macy's and Ulta, just like every other month.  Haha.  This is what happens when you live within five miles to commercial areas.  (>_<)

Okay, let's get into the products.  *Sorry for the bad lighting.*

Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminator - A Macy's Exclusive
Retails for $28
I got one out of the four shades available.  I decided to go with So Hollywood, a gold shimmer highlight that will match every skin tone.  I'm sooo tempted to go get more!!!  It's sooo purrrdy!  I want to go back and get starlight, which is a shear white shimmer that will also match any skin tone.  But I keep asking myself, "Do I really need it?"  YES!  It's limited Edition!  Haha.  . . . .   I hate myself. -_-

Tarte Timeless Beauty Essentials
Retails for $36
This limited edition set includes a full size limited edition blush in "timeless", limited edition brush, full size Amazonian butter lipstick in Angelica Nude, deluxe timeless smoothing primer and Lights, Camera, Flashes mascara.  With this purchase I received a free deluxe Tarte Lip Crayon and It's a 10 Miracle Leave-in 2oz.  I posted a photo of this purchase on instagram earlier this month!

Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation
Retails for $7.99
I got this in the color 120 classic ivory and it matches my skin perfectly.  This is actually my very first foundation from Maybelline. (⊙▂⊙ )*gasp*  I know.  The coverage is medium and is build-able to achieve high coverage.  When I apply this with a brush or a puff it looks flawless!  It's now one of my favorite foundations.  If you have dry skin try the dewy & smooth finish. ;)

Maybelline Fit MeConcealer
Retails for $4.99
It was so hard to choose which color to get!  The lighter concealers were too pink and cool so I got the third lightest shade in sand, which is a very yellow based concealer.  It brightens my darker areas well.  Me like.

Lorac Alter Ego Lipstick
Retails for $16
These lips sticks were on sale for $8 during the 21 days of beauty because they were on sale I had to get at least one.  I went straight to the Lorac section and got bought Duchess.  I fell in love with the color when my sister told me to try the color on a while back so I had to get one for myself too. >_<  I don't think the formula of these lipsticks are all that great but the color of Duchess is <3 so pretty.  I would much rather get a Mac lipstick.

It's a 10 miracle leave in was a freebie with my purchase of the Tarte set and Loarc lipstick.

Sally Hansen Cream Remover Kit
Retails for $5.99
I've been using Sally Hansen Facial Hair Remover creams for my mustache ever since middle school.  I guess my old SH hair remover was too old and didn't work anymore so I bought a new one. It removes most of the hairs and it doesn't have a strong scent which is nice.  I would recommend using this product for easy upper lip hair removal. ;)

Sally Hansen Eye Lash Curler
Retails for $5.99
The other eyelash curler I used kept poking my eyes and didn't curl my lashes so I bought a new curler that doesn't even work. :/  What eyelash curler do you recommend?  I need a new one. >_<

Milani Rose Power Blush
Retails for $6.99-$7.99
Ever since these blushes came out, I've been eyeing them and the other day I finally decided to get one color, 01 Romantic Rose.  These blushes are matte and at first touch it feel chalky, but we shall see how it goes when I wear it on my face.

NYC Sunny Bronzer
Retails for $2.77
This is a raved bronzer for light to medium skin tones but I don't understand why.  It's too red/orange for my skin.  :/

Go Brow EyeBrow Gel
Retails for $3.99
I never knew how much of a difference brow gel/mascara can do!  After my foundation, my brows turn grey and it always bothered me.  I came across this product by chance and love it!  The brush is small for easy control and it's color is pigmented.  My brows never looked so groomed before.  Haha.

At the end of August, Memebox was having a 50% off all xomemebox products and I couldn't pass on this sale.

Meme Hydrogel Mask Box (5 each)
Retails for $10
I LOVE these masks.  It was half off so the masks were only $1.  I decided to stock up on them, I should've gotten more.

Meme Puff Set (5 pieces)
Retails for $5
I love puffs.  No matter what foundation or cream you're using it'll make your face flawless.  On other Korean beauty sites, rubycell puffs are like $3+ for ONE puff.  So when Memebox posted this product on their site, I had to get them.

I'm Lip and Eye Remover
Retails for $8.50
I don't need anymore cleansing products but it was new and half off so I was like mind as well.  Haha.  I have mixed feelings about this cleanser. :/

Along with my purchase, Memebox slipped in some great samples.  I was also missing an item and for the very first time I contacted their customer service.  They replied about 2 days later which isn't bad since it was Labor weekend.  I got my item the following week with a HUGE amount of samples. The customer service I received was awesome.

Well, we've come to the end of the haul.  Why are all of these brands releasing such awesome makeup sets sooo early!?  I have a feeling they're going to release more amazing sets later in December.  For example, *cough* Lancome.  At the end of every year Macys and Lancome create this 12 full size products set for an affordable price.  If you want to try out Lancome products I recommend grabbing a set! ^__^

October is going to be a crazy (in a happy way) month for me.  Until next time!  Oh yes, if you're into circle lens, don't forget to join my circle lens giveaway!