Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Cruelty-free Eyelash Brand - Ono Lash Review

Hello there!  So sorry for not posting anything in a while, this post was suppose to be posted early last week but something happened.  Last Sunday, while playing dodgeball I sprained my ankle when landing when I went to play with a group of friends at an indoor trampoline park.  I heard a loud crack.  I was like "oh my gosh....."  After a week and a half later, my ankle is 90% healed and been feeling sluggish for some reason.  This is my second time spraining my ankle. (-_-) *sigh*  I had too much fun that day. 

Anyways, today I'll be reviewing six pairs of false lashes that Ono Lash generously sent me.  Of course everything is 1000% my honest opinion.  Let me tell you a little bit about the brand before I get into the review.  The creator of Ono Lash is Sophie Ono, who is a New York City makeup artist.  She's done makeup looks for celebrities and top publications such as Vogue, Nylon, Essence, and others.  One of the best things about Ono Lash is that their lashes are cruelty-free!  Their lashes are made from non-animal derived fiber blends and human hair.  They have roughly 23 different lash styles so you're guaranteed to find at least one lash pair you'd like. :)

Is this or is this not the cutest box packaging out there.  Love the cute stickers.  Definitely saving this box. 

They included a few info cards and a cute little handwritten note!  I love it when companies slips in cute little handwritten notes. (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*

So pretty!  Most of these lash styles are my favorites! ( >o< )/

The word kawaii really caught my eye.  Haha.  If you don't know what it means, it means cute in Japanese.  I really like the packaging to these lashes, it's simple but yet very kawaii. >o<)/

On the back of the packaging are directions on how to apply your lashes.  Measuring the lashes to your eye length is so so so important!  I never knew how much of a difference it made until I started cutting my lashes to fit my eyes.

Tip: Cut off the outer end and cut little by little because you can never go back!

The six pairs of lashes that were gifted are in styles; 104, 103, 202, 203, 204, and 402.  The plastic that the lashes rest on are super flexible, which makes it super easy to remove the lashes without ruining them.

In the photo above, I am wearing both lashes #103 and #104.  Because of the way my eyes are shaped, lash #104 only gives me a volumizing effect while lash #103 gives me both volumizing and lengthening effects.

Kit Must Haves - Strip Lash 103 -
Retails for $4.99
These lashes hairs are longer at the outer edges to give your eyes a cat eye effect.  The band is invisible which will give a more natural look.  From the lash band it's grouped with chunks of hairs and flares out towards the tips which will give both volumizing and lengthening effects.

Kit Must Haves - Strip Lash 104 -
Retails for $4.99
These lashes have different hair lengths ranging from medium to short, almost spider like.  They give more of a volume effect than lengthening.  Because my lids have a lot of skin these lashes look super natural and give an "eyeliner effect".

This photo does not capture the gorgeousness of these lashes at all.  Here, I am wearing lash pairs #203 and #204.

Kit Must Haves - Strip Lash 203 -
Retails for $5.99
These lashes hairs are longest in the center and shortest at the outer ends of both sides.  I believe lashes that are longer in the center will make your eyes look more round and cute.  The hairs are also very long and thin which will only gives lengthening effects to the eyes.

If you have short lashes like me these lashes you'll love these lashes.  They also look great when stacked with another pair of lashes. :)

Kit Must Haves - Strip Lash 204 -
Retails for $4.99
One of the two lashes that stood out to me most are lash 204.  These lashes have a completely different lash style in the center compared to the outer and inner edges.  The hairs in the center are grouped into three thick pointed lash tips while the end hairs are thin and natural.  This lash style will give more volume in the center and length towards the outer edge.

Selca of me wearing lash pairs 204 and 203 that was posted 2 weeks ago on my insta. >_<

Kit Must Haves - Strip Lash 202 -
Retails for $5.99
These lashes feature a criss-cross pattern which are perfect for those who prefer a more natural pair of lashes.  I used to love this type of lash style a lot when I was into the no makeup makeup look.

Saving the best for last.  Lash 402 is my favorite out of the lash selection I received.  I didn't think I'd like them as much as I do.

When I first saw these lashes I didn't think you'd like them because of my past experience with layered lashes BUT these are a bit different.  From the front view??? (is that the front?) you can clearly see that there are two different lashes stuck together as one is lower than the other.  The lash pair is seriously one of a kind. :)
Lash Deluxe Strip lash 402 -
Retails for $12
The bottom layer is a thick spider/pointed style while the top layer has a natural thin pattern.  These lashes will make your eyes two times larger and appear rounder.  They are thick and glamours perfect for a night out.

From past experience with double layered lashes, I wasn't expecting anything great but boy these lashes were life changing.  I have one mono lid and one double lid. It's hard to even out my eyes so I depend on lashes to hide them.  Never in my life has my right (mono lid) eye look larger than the left (double lid) eye until I tried on these lashes!  If you also struggle with mono eyes or want dramatic lashes that will show I HIGHLY recommend this lash! :)

Selca with lash 402!  I can't do makeup anymore! :(

Overall thoughts:
I highly recommend Ono Lash!  They offer high quality lashes at affordable prices and a variety of lash styles so you'll be sure to find at least one pair you'll love.  I think one of the best things about Ono Lash is that the prices are lower when you buy more, sort of like a discount.  Lastly, how can you not love a company that is cruelty-free!!!? ;)

Thank you so much for reading!  And be sure to tone in on my next post!  :D